Chrystelle Lemay

Chrystelle Lemay

Chrystelle Lemay
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Transformez un vieux meuble télé en une cuisinière de rêve pour les enfants.

Transform an old entertainment center into a kid& dream play kitchen. DIY Projects that will blow your kids minds

Assouplissant  maison

Substances that are used in the production of softeners are extremely harmful, especially for children. The commercial fabric softener may cause allergies and due to the fact that they contain a number of chemicals,…

Une astuce brillante pour des toilettes toujours propres et fraiches. Il suffisait d’y penser ! - L'astucerieL'astucerie | Version mobile

A Brilliant Tip for a Clean and Fresh Toilet. Cleaning the bathroom is never fun, but it's a necessary task of hygiene. To do it economically and easy, here is a recipe from a grandmother.