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Native American Art and Pictures

For love of wolves

An offering for peace

The appreciation of natures gifts

Fathers before him

The worship

  • Brenda Jurgens

    Chuck, you should go find and pin some of Charlie Russell Indian paintings - he is without a doubt my favorite western/Native American painter

  • Chuck Boynton

    Painted a TON of Montana scenes as well. I am familiar with him and got interested in him when I heard about him in a song. I will check it out and see what I can find to pin. Thanks Brenda!

  • Brenda Jurgens

    I can see you found some while I was away. Can you do knock off paintings???? I also love, Remington and Russell. I do collect a few of the "dead guys" western original art. And, I go to the Charlie Russell Art Auction and show every year in Great Falls. It is amazing the artifacts and art at the auction!!!

  • Chuck Boynton

    I am not sure about the knock off paintings. I do know that I want to give credit where it is due for each painting. I am a War Between the States buff and found a LOT of those paintings. Problem is, there are no artists mentioned so I am hesitant to pin them. I have a lot of paintings saved in a personal folder for my own enjoyment...been collecting war art for many years. I, however, can't paint a stick figure, about the only painting I can do is houses - inside and out. : )

  • Brenda Jurgens

    ha! Painting houses - my kinda guy!!! My Dad and you would have had a lot to talk about. He was a highly decorated Green Beret, one of the original group that JKF commissioned. When he retired from the military, he was the Professor of Military Science at the University of Texas. He loved all things military, and had quite a collection of memorabilia, including art. However, in his soul, he was a cowboy, as he grew up on a ranch and worked as a cowboy before being drafted. He had a lot of western art as well. I guess I got my love of it from him.

Stories handed down through generations

The peaceful life of the Native American

Elder Meditations

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John Bennett Herrington (NASA Astronaut) - Chickasaw

Duane Loken (Actor) - Comanche

Buffy Sainte-Marie (Musician) - Cree

Bill Reid, Carver and Poet - Haida

Branscombe Richmond (Actor and Musician) - Aleutian

Wilma Mankiller (Chief of the Cherokee Nation)

Wes Studi - Cherokee

john Trudell (Musician) - Santee

Lou Diamond Phillips (eighth Cherokee and a mix of others)

Elaine Miles - Nez Perce and a member of the Umatilla tribe. LOVED her in Northern Exposure.

Benjamin Bratt - Quechua/Peruvian

Gordon Tootoosis - Cree/Stoney descent

Crystle Lightning - Plains Cree. Born 1981

Recognize him? Unconfirmed but said he was a Cherokee...

Graham Green born 1952 (Oneida) Recognize him?