Dragonfly printable - May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies, and talk to the moon

Textile art by Annemieke Mein

The Art of Annemieke Mein: Wildlife Artist in Textiles - Amazing animals

“As much as nature-themed art with a delicate appearance appeals to me, I have found myself increasingly drawn to setting birds, butterflies, and, in this instance, a dragonfly against a more urban, industrial surrounding … The contrast can also heighten the sense of beauty, of catching sight of delicate fluttering wings against the rust and debris of urban life.” — Lynne Moncrieff | Somerset Apprentice

Embrace the rich, cool shades of the season with step-by-step artwork found inside the Autumn 2016 Issue of Somerset Apprentice. Discover pages upon pages of stunning art from talented artists like Cheryl Dossey, Marija Kolmanic, Lynne Moncrieff, Sarah Og

Animal Spirit Dragonfly by Patricia Ariel.  Ability to see the truth,  Power of flight , Understanding of dreams,  Breaking down illusions ,Swiftness, Change and transformation, Connection with nature spirits

patriciaariel: “ Animal Spirits: Dragonfly Pencil and watercolor on illustration board x inches 2013 © Patricia Ariel Ability to see the truth Power of flight Understanding of dreams Breaking.


Created with Field of Dreams by The Urban Fairy. I captured that fella in Don's yard in Missouri, USA. The wing span was about 2 long.

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Insects do the Strangest Things - Leonora and Arthur Hornblow - Michael K.