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Culinary Arts Students

All kinds of people come to the CIA—some right out of high school, some from the work force or the military, and others from different colleges. Our shared passion—food—immediately connects you to other students and faculty in our welcoming CIA community. If you love to cook, the Culinary Arts programs will give you every opportunity to satisfy that passion.

“What really stands out is that every student is here for the same reason—we all LOVE food. It’s our way of life.” – CIA Student Aaron Gonnelly ‘14

“Growing up I was more interested in cookbooks than fashion magazines, and watched more Jamie Oliver than Lizzie McGuire. I guess my culinary passion was always in me.” – CIA Student Bo Na Yoo ‘14

"When my dad passed away, the only thing that would make me happy at the time was to cook. From then on, I could always be found in the kitchen cooking or experimenting and I then knew that I wanted to be a cook one day." – CIA Student John Carlo DeVera ‘16

“The advice that I would give to someone who is considering attending the CIA is to come see the campus and have a meal or two. Once you are here—walking the grounds and eating the food—it is hard not to fall in love.” – CIA student Shannon Buckley ‘14

“Coach really motivated us. He meant a lot to the overall experience, brought our team together, and made me appreciate playing basketball again.” – Charles Cruz ’14

"When I was in high school, cooking shows were starting to emerge worldwide. Jamie Oliver was the first chef who truly inspired me to start cooking. Watching his shows and observing his simple style of cooking made me realize that creating delicious food does not have to be complicated." – Henderson Wong ‘13

“I chose the CIA for its reputation. I asked chefs that I knew in Indonesia where I should go to college and they all said that the CIA is the best culinary school in the U.S., perhaps the world.” – Kenny Sugiarto ‘16

“I’ve already started my business plan to open up a catering company and food truck in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do, and I have all the tools in place to make it happen now.” – Daniel Elliot ’13.

Meet CIA Student: Aaron Gross '13. “I’d like to stick around in the CIA Manager In Training program, hopefully in the front of the house at The Bocuse Restaurant...”

“The CIA is clearly the best culinary school in the country. The history of the CIA and its background of service to military men and women made it an obvious choice.” – Cory Christopherson ‘16.

“Most of the pictures of my brother and me when we were little are of us in the kitchen in little aprons and chefs hats that my mom made for us.” – Jillian Druzgala ‘13.

“The CIA is the best. I toured several other culinary schools and the CIA at Greystone was, by far, the most impressive!”. – Daryl Newman ‘14. Read his story: www.foodislife.or...

“At the age of 14, I realized that decorating cakes is an art that you can eat!” – CIA Student McKenna Bristol ‘14. Read her story: www.foodislife.or...

CIA Student Athletes Rob Chambers ’12 (left) and Pierre Mewissen ’12 (right). Read their story.

“Growing up, I worked in a restaurant that served Puerto Rican food, and I loved it so much I didn’t care what time I left at the end of the day.” – Camelia Fuertes ’12. Read her story.

“The most exciting news is that in early 2013 I am going to compete on Food Network’s Chopped!” – CIA Student Matthew Grunwald ‘15

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