Homemade rat cage stuff by JessyGene | Includes hammocks, houses, fabric accessories, paper mache crafts, wooden accessories, hanging accessories, food, treats, and lots more :)

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Hang paper towel tubes in random areas and put treats inside to let rabbits know it's for them.

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Open up toilet roll insides,place in a tray, sprinkle pellets and watch them forage! Thrifty rabbit enrichment x

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TOILET PAPER TUBE TREAT BALL for Sml / Med Birds -NEED: 1 t.p. roll -Treats, crinkle paper, toys, etc -Scissors -Bird safe string (to hang) -STEPS: Cut tube into 6 or 7 slices 1/2” wide -Fit one loop over another, then a third over those, overlap at different angles to cover gaps -Before gaps get too small pop in some tasty, bird safe treats & such -Continue with step two until only one loop is left. Hang or give as a foot toy!

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$6.40-$3.10 Peter's Pinecones are a great toy for your pet rabbit; pine cones are natures prefect chew toy for rabbits.

Boredom Buster Box (pictured upside down) Toy Test Archive - BinkyBunny.com - follow the pin for more exciting toys for your bunny!

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