Cheese and Crackers. When you have the #cheese, but not the #crackers...

Cheese and Crackers. When you have the cheese, but not the crackers. I was cracka-lackin!

hahahaha! laughed at this way more than I should.

Umm can you build a house? im laughing but my husband can really build a house and i cant cook!

I mean, that's pretty accurate.

25 Things You Can Relate To

This makes me laugh so hard. That's exactly how my husband looks in the mornings.


cows cows cows

first thing's first i'm the realest!

First Things First I'm The Realest

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This is what happens on our wine tours. @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Porter Peoples @Elena Navarro Tuzi

There can never be too much wine. Have a glass or a bottle with a friend.


Today I don't feel like doing anything.except you - my husband. I'll do you!