Puglia - Salento

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two people riding bikes on a dirt path near the ocean and an old building in the background
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a map with a red marker on it and the location of an area in mexico
#cicloturismo #salento #puglia #cyclingholidays #biketouring #apulia
the water is crystal blue and clear at this point in the cliff side, it looks like there are rocks on either side of the pool
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a car parked in front of a large building with arches and pillars on both sides
Santa Maria di Leuca
an old stone wall with arches and pillars in the middle, against a blue sky
Santa Maria di Leuca
some umbrellas that are on the sand by the water at dusk and there is an advertisement for punta dela suna
Gallipoli (Le) - Salento - Italia
Salento: Lido Punta della suina
lounge chairs and umbrellas are on the beach by the blue water with people swimming in the ocean
1 settembre , Punta della Suina, Gallipoli (LE) ITALIA
an old building with a clock on it's side and clouds in the background
salento - gallipoli, facciata della cattedrale
salento - gallipoli, facciata della cattedrale by Paolo Margari, via Flickr
the water is crystal blue and clear with boats docked in front of an old castle
Il Castello Angioino di Gallipoli http://www.hipuglia.com/2012/05/il-castello-angioino-di-gallipoli.html#
an ornate window on the side of a building
Gallipoli front church sculpture - Gallipoli
a lake surrounded by red hills and grass
Otranto, cava di Bauxite
a large lake surrounded by red cliffs and green trees in the distance, with blue water at the bottom
Avviso di reindirizzamento
Otranto - Bauxite cavern
many people are swimming in the clear blue water near an ocean shore with buildings on either side
Otranto - Italy - by David Slavich #bucketlist
people are standing on the side of an old building