Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Photo

Black Butler Ciel and Sebastian cosplay *-*

Hey, have you guys ever watched SM Crystal? I did, and I loved it! If not, then go on, I suggest it! #Moonie4Life

Chibi Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon,Scouts, and Tuxedo Mask

"We live in an age when it is cheaper to buy the rights to movies than to make them." - Hayao Miyazaki

Wow, Castle in the Sky is the oldest Hayao Miyazaki Movie.

Sailor Moon.. The sexiest Anime Chick of them all...certainly the only one with her own tv series! I bet all the boys had a secret crush on her too

The Cutest Manga Chick of them all. I bet all the boys had a secret crush on her.

Goku x Chichi They're so cute together!

ake bed black hair blanket chi-chi (dragon ball) couple dragon ball dragonball z eyes closed hetero highres hime cut husband and wife long hair pillow sleeping smile son gokuu - Image View -

Raven from Teen Titans - Anslee wants her party based around this. Anslee will be turning 8. omg.

I love Teen Titans! Raven was always my favorite! I'm not sure why since I was usually drawn to pretty things (you know like Starfire) but I just loved Raven's look and personality!

Poster of rwby

RWBY movie poster looks dope

Sailor Saturn. I love this image, her position, what this move represents in the story. I think it's fascinating.

girlsbydaylight: Sailor Saturn by ~Anchefanamon

Angel Beats! - Kanade Tachibana (立華 奏)  - My favorite picture of her

- Kanade Tachibana - My favorite picture of her

junko enoshima. I just finished this series and it was pretty awesome

Browse Enoshima Junko Monokuma Dangan Ronpa collected by Mishikumo Atasuki and make your own Anime album.

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn from "Sailor Moon" manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

Junko Enoshima~ treats monokuma like her own baby

Junko Enoshima~ treats monokuma like her own baby

Kanade Tachibana

Kanade Tachibana