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All things school for D .


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Left vs. Right!

Ultimate list of Angry Birds learning....50+ ideas all ages

Easy Peasy, for the teacher, not the student. :)

Hey all you following friends. I am in the (painifully) slow and ongoing process of breaking this 'Schoolin' board down in to categories that work for us. All will be listed as "Schoolin' " something or other. So one day soon this board may disappear. And organization will be born. lol :)

Kids corner - good audios. Take the lizards out of the equation and it works for older kids too. ;)

Interactivity Center. Collaborative projects, virtual field trips, etc.

Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop

Helping the Visual Spatial Learner. I think may have one of these. Somewhat.

Tech site/blog

absolutely great reminders!

Character ideas to check out.


School Tube. Great site. Thanks to my library lady. She's the coolest one around.

Marvy option to the paper mache' assortment of solar systems. And it actually looks cool.

Ditch the other books. This is the one. Mental Muscle #3: Habits ~ Be attentive to attention. Concentrate on concentration. Respond to responsibility. Expect excellence. Order up orderliness. Seek out truthfulness. Push for self-control. Do it with diligence.

  • Cindy Albin
    Cindy Albin

    Consider ordering direct from the ministry to support them.

  • Cindy Albin
    Cindy Albin

    Consider ordering direct from the ministry to support them.

The words we speak. I think this can be adapted to any age group.

  • Sylvia Seaglass
    Sylvia Seaglass


Virtual Art Instruction - Drawing, Painting, Digital and more

Paint Chip Storytelling. First saw on E is for EXPLORE .

Boys. Period.

Simple art project to brighten up those windows in the middle of winter... from E is for EXPLORE

E is for EXPLORE - Great Blog site. Real Estate Math Game (area, perimeter, mult.)

  • Cindy Albin
    Cindy Albin

    We have played this many times already. My sons loves it. Can make them go back and multiply, then add total area to see who truly wins. Of course, they probably won't love that part of it as much. lol

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