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Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends

Not necessarily a map but forgot about this kind of project. Did these in elementary school art. DIY Favorite Map Panel DIY Favorite Map Panel - gift of the place you love for someone you love

"man bouquet!" (picture only)  Put yellow paper inside lg. beer mug, & inside that, add shaped-to-fit (to top of mug) flower- styrafoam. Cover from top of yellow paper over styrafoam, with white tissue paper (to look like foam on beer). THEN, glue a few 'vices' your sweetie would like onto a small dowel (cigar, fav candy, lotto tickets, sm alcohol bottles...) Now THAT'S a manly bouquet!

My husband's birthday "man bouquet!" Or Father's Day plus some items made by the boys

While He Was Napping: Anniversary Gift Ideas: Break your gifts up into smaller gifts. I made a tower of gifts.They were small gifts. - A box of his favorite candies.  - A blanket I found on clearance for $5 at Target - Some lingerie from my lingerie drawer (it didn't get used much living with my parents...)  - A cookbook (he likes to cook)  - A gift card to a local dessert shop we like.  Stuff like that.  The look on his face when he saw this four foot tower of gifts was priceless.

8 Anniversary Gift Ideas

A present for every hour on your spouse’s birthday…what a cute idea to keep them feeling special all day long! (Good idea for kids too!) A present for every hour…