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They laugh at me because I’m different; I laugh at them because they’re all the same.

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^We have all come from the one great spirit and this precious earth is our common Mother. Let us walk in harmony. //Too bad the white man didn't learn to walk in harmony back in time EL//

If you had not suffered as you have, there would be no depth to you as a human being, no humility, no compassion. -Eckhart Tolle Quote #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday

Suffering brings humility and compassion by Eckhart Tolle with article by Jane Garapick

For some people, this could not be more true. :-/ Don't let yourself get carried away-- stay calm and stay grounded.

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true. Soren Kierkegaard [ "There are two ways to

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There can never be peace between nations until there is first known that true peace which is within the souls of men. --Black Elk, 1863 – August was a famous Wichasha Wakan (Medicine man or Holy Man) of the Oglala Lakota tribe