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Cindy Castillo

Cindy Castillo
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Creative installation

This would be expensive and time-consuming, but what a stunning balloon installation is would be for a wedding!

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This fills me full of WONDER and DREAD! Balloon installation (Heart Beat) at Covent Garden, London, by Charles Pétillon.

carteles e ilustraciones

¤ Netherlands based artist John Breed is the man behind this beautifully bizarre installation, titled “Shoe Salon Breuninger”. 145 fabulous shoes on 145 perfect, rainbow-hued legs.

22 Dreamy Art Installations You Want To Live In

Interactive installation at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, artist Yayoi Kusama created a totally white room as a palette for visiting children to embellish as they pleased with colored dot stickers

instalacion-artistica-golosinas-tanya-schultz (8)

With an overpoweringly colorful and sweet visual style, Australian artist Tanya Schultz creates dazzling works of candy floor art that will make you feel like

Graced With Light by Anne Patterson

some more installation art - Graced With Light by Anne Patterson: Twenty Miles of Ribbons Are Suspended in San Francisco's Grace Cathedral for Art Installation