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Crock Pot Chicken Teriyaki Recipe - lb chkn, 1 can chkn broth, 1/2 cup Teri or soy sauce, brown sugar, 3 minced gar cloves super easy!


So Hungry, I Could Eat a... Horse Spaghetti Measure from Iceland


Making Lunch Boxes Fun - Gift Wrap

Great idea for child's birthday lunch! Wrap everything before you put it in the lunchbox!

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Use a vinegar solution to make your berries last longer. One part vinegar(white or apple cider) to ten parts water. Swirl berries in mixture, rinse and refrigerate.Raspberries will last a wk or more, and strawberries two wks without going soft or moldy.

SwissCurve peller - this thing can peel, but watch out!