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A wave of color and rhythm - I might have made the rolls undulate to create more movement. [Art at Becker Middle School: Magazine roll rhythm]

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Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)

Cheat sheet anyone? :) . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a paper bead in under 20 minutes by beading, jewelrymaking, papercrafting, and decorating with magazine, book, and scrapbook paper. How To posted by Goreific . Difficulty: Simple. Cost...

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Painted paper weaving - cool and hot colors, large sharpie lines for stripes before cutting

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Paper Weaving I wonder if you could do this with colored acetate strips for color mixing (I cut up file dividers because acetate can be pricey). Also, strips of felt might be fun to work with, too!

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Watercolor weavings

Watercolor weaving...another set of weavings created by painting with watercolors and then tearing the paintings and weaving them into another piece. These are then embellished as desired. Must try!

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