Quick Sweet Pickles

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Quick Sweet Pickles "'Beit Alpha' isn't your usual pickling cucumber, but it's perfect for this eat-right-away snack." - Deborah Madison, author of Seasonal Fruit Desserts

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Fast Homemade Pickles - Mustard seed, celery seed, and fresh dill pack a flavorful punch in this versatile brine. Love this recipe. I used apple cider vinegar instead of regular and added a cup of sugar for it to be closer to a bread and butter pickle.

Best Ever Dill Pickles- This will be great to put in the file box for when all of those cucumbers come in!

Best Ever Dill Pickles

Preserve an abundance of small garden-fresh cucumbers to savor long after summer. Then bite into these pickles on a relish tray, on a sandwich, or as a low-calorie snack. Use only fresh, not waxed, cucumbers to make pickles.

These are awesome. My family tears them up.

Refrigerator Pickles - with bite! 3 cups apple cider vinegar 9 cups water cup pickling salt 2 tablespoons of sugar 2 tablespoons of pickling spice 12 fresh garlic cloves, peeled lots of fresh dill 2 lbs cucumbers, sliced (enough to fill the jar)

homemade dill pickles - so easy! just make sure you sanitize the jar

Easy Garlic Dill Pickles

Easy Garlic Dill Pickles by a couple cooks: Simple and tangy these are ready to eat in just 24 hours and keep about a month refrigerated (if they last that long!

How to Make Colorful and Tasty Pickled Vegetables

Mmm this lovely mixture of pickled vegetables looks so good. Virginia Willis has the recipe. I like that it has a nice mix of different veggies in it.

Bread and Butter Pickles

Spanish Rice with Chicken and Shrimp

Regrigerator Dill Pickles - bobby flay @keyingredient #cake #recipes #sandwich #easy #bread

Regrigerator Dill Pickles

refrigerator dill pickle recipe, from Bobby Flay. I love love love pickles but I hate paying for them I really want to know if this works well.

Amish Refrigerator Pickles

Mamaw’s Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles: 7 cups Sliced, Unpeeled Cucumbers 1 cup Sliced Onion 1 cup Slice Green Peppers 1 cup Cider Vinegar 2 cups Sugar 1 Tablespoon Celery Seed 1 Tablespoon Salt