Patchouli Cultivation: How To Grow A Patchouli Herb Plant - An aroma synonymous with the Hippie era, patchouli cultivation has its place amongst the ‘de rigueur’ herbs of the garden such as oregano, basil, thyme and mint. Learn more about this herb and patchouli uses in this article.

I was a little overwhelmed the other week when I noticed that my little herb bed was overflowing and in need of a major haircut. I'll show y...

DIY- You can buy 5 slate, or limestone, or travertine tiles for about a dollar or two each...glue them together into cube planter boxes.

Prairie Blues Bluestem - Deciduous, clumping grass with gray-blue foliage that turns salmon orange in the fall. Flower spikes emerge above the foliage, displaying downy white seed heads that persist into fall. Good ground-cover for massing or effective specimen in borders and rock gardens.

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