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[Source] Churchman’s No. 1 [Source] Kenmore Dryer [Source] International De Luxe Delivery Trucks [Source] Levis [Source] Pontiac Bonneville [Source] Career Club Shirts [Source] Textron Fabrics [Source] Bell Telephone System [Source] Crescendoe [Source] Honda [Source] Tide [Source] Sprite [Source] Burton Cool Suit [Source] Ford Mustang [Source] Vespa [Source] Dodge [Source] Twiggy Lashes [Source] Cadillac [Source] AC Spark Plugs [Source] Emba [Source] Volkswagen [Source] It should be mentioned that many advertisements from this era were very politically incorrect. I’ve excluded such ads from this list as I feel it would draw the attention away from these particular selections. Though it may be the subject of a future post. Sources Pink Ponk’s Flickr Set Sa_Steve’s Flickr Set Found In Mom’s Basement I’m Learning To Share Sugarpie Honeybunch’s Photostream Rchappo2002′s Flickr Set Visual Work of Scott Hansen If you liked this post, I mean really liked this post, why not share it with others? You should subscribe to the RSS feed while you're at it. You know, so you don't miss anything. Delicious Stumble It Subscribe Yo, I'm Andrew Lindstrom. I am a freelance web designer based in Vancouver, Canada. When not geeking out over design, I'm likely geeking out over film, technology or pretending to play the guitar. View My Portfolio Follow Me On Twitter 245 Responses to This Post. Leave Your Own. Now I wanna buy things. Bright, shiny, sparkly things. Like Ouija Boards. To get the babes. Vintage daemon score! trench / September 30th, 2008 Side-note: This really makes me wanna go watch more Mad Men eps. Again. trench / September 30th, 2008 true eye candies. they knew how to do it right Roee / September 30th, 2008 did anyone else find it kind of ironic that budweiser’s campaign only featured black males? nowadays it only seems that there are either hipsters (bud select) or blue collar white americans featured in the ads. kind of ironic in my eyes. Andrew / September 30th, 2008 not necessarily hipsters…but more suave, GQ-esque white males featured in the ads. correcting myself there. Andrew / September 30th, 2008 @trench – Truth be told this post was very much Mad Men inspired. Check out the ad for “Dobbs” – I swear that guy is Don Draper! @Roee – Agreed. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore. @Andrew – I found that interesting as well. Especially since a lot of the ads in that era were totally racist and this one is so classy. Andrew Lindstrom / September 30th, 2008 Where the HELL is my Western Electric Picturephone?? Aiden / September 30th, 2008 I’m not the person who drops around many comments on the web. But this kind of webpage I had to praise! Hail to the intelligent fellowman who has made this collection. As a copywriter I’m hear to remind the very graphic people that you’re forgetting the excellent copywriting on these ads! It’s nothing to do with any vintage quality or past manners . Most of the ads are mostly text. I invite everybody to actually read them and in this graphical world actually enjoy the seducing langauge on these You can place most of these words and phrases on any ad or for example mailing you see today. I can go on and on about how copywriting is still vital en essential… But I begin to bore even myself. Thanks! Belgian / September 30th, 2008 [...] Well Medicated has posted their 50 favorite print advertisements from the 1950s and 60s. There are some serious gems in here. I think my favorites have to be Ronrico of Puerto Rico, Smirnoff with Woody Allen, housewives that “need” a kitchen phone with an extension cord and without a doubt the Ron Burgandy-esque Burton “Cool Suit”. Classic! [...] Holiday Matinee » Blog Archive » Vintage advertising / September 30th, 2008 These ads don’t just rely on ubiquitous pictures and a short slogan, they all rely on text too, plenty of it, but catchy and engaging to read. All of this stuff is smooth and cleverly made, Captain-Varro / September 30th, 2008 Haven’t you got one of those Kool or Lark Cigarette ads? JFCoelho / September 30th, 2008 Some amazing work gone into them and an outstanding post, well presented thanks for sharing them Toon - UK Logo Design / October 1st, 2008 [...] 50 hand picked prints from the golden era of something. i dunno what, but it sure is precious. This entry was posted in www and tagged advertising, design, english. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « nimic [...] vintage prints / October 1st, 2008 [...] little walk back memory lane today. We came across this print ad by Western Electric from the 1960’s that promotes a future project they are working on [...] Canada Cell Phone and Mobile news reviews (Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Fido Wireless, Koodo Mobile, Solo Mobile, Virgin Mobile, PC Mobile, Apple iPhone)+ Latest Gadgets and Electronics - / October 1st, 2008 Love, love, love! I wanna use nearly all of these at my website (over time). And I’m pretty new to web hosting. Can anyone advise, please: do you write to each picture “owner” to ask permission, or is standard practice that you just credit the source? Carlee Potter / October 1st, 2008 [...] wellmedicated gibt es 50 Vintage-Werbeanzeigen vorwiegend gedruckter Natur und die sind, alle für sich so [...] Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » 50 Vintage-Werbeanzeigen / October 1st, 2008 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements… Wellmedicated ha reunido 50 antiguos e inspiradores anuncios de publicidad de diferentes marcas con un estilo muy vintage…. CSS Brigit |50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements / October 1st, 2008 nice! thanks for posting these!! i love the volkswagen ones… Cama / October 1st, 2008 I would KILL for the style and panache of those guys in the Levis ad. And frankly that Air Canada logo is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Yum. Joe | A New Band A / October 1st, 2008 Thanks for the comments everybody! @Aiden – I know! I’m starting to think we’ve been duped. @Belgian – It’s true. I am as guilty as anyone for overlooking the brilliant copy in these ads. @Toon – Thank you very much! @Carlee Potter – Usually, if you provide proper attribution (as in a link back to the original source) you’re fine. There were a few gems that I couldn’t include because the website owners didn’t get back to me @ Joe – Agreed. On both points. Andrew Lindstrom / October 1st, 2008 [...] post info By JeremyF Categories: uncategorized I found this over at [...] Retro-goodness « Macguffinfilmblog’s Weblog / October 1st, 2008 Love this kinda stuff ! EB / October 1st, 2008 I love the Air Canada advert! Some good adverts Danny Hinde / October 1st, 2008 Wow! Fantastic collection! Thank you. Kindra / October 1st, 2008 [...] el tema es que me encontré con un oasis para mis ojos de consumidor semi-pasivo: una lista con 50 publicidades gráficas, diseñadas hace alrededor de 40 años o más. No le digo que hoy funcionarían, porque la [...] 50 publicidades antiguas con un diseño genial « TODO LO QUE VEO / October 1st, 2008 I’m old. My Dad actually was a madman. These are OK but mostly just standard. Hugh / October 1st, 2008 [...] dir so eine Werbung gefällt, soltest du HIER mal [...] 50 “Vintage” Werbeplakate « simsonsound / October 2nd, 2008 [...] wellmedicated hacen una recopilación de 50 anuncios inspirados en esa época tan inocente y soñadora, muy [...] 50 Anuncios de inspiración Retro « Libertad Creativa / October 2nd, 2008 [...] Disfrutad de unas cuantas muestras, y si quereis ver los 50 anuncios de donde he sacado esta selección, no teneis más que ir aquí. [...] Anuncios de ayer « El último que cierre la puerta / October 2nd, 2008 Brilliant – very enjoyable collection. Thanks for taking the time to put it together! / October 2nd, 2008 I love vintage designs, they are just sooo full of character? Thanks for sharing and putting this together. I put a collection of Vogue magazine cover ads together. clarice / October 2nd, 2008 [...] 3, 2008 Lo0o0o0ve this collection I found here. Great Inspirations, [...] Vintage Posters(Ka-Boom!) « Clarice Gomes / October 2nd, 2008 I’m old, too. I actually remember using/having this stuff around the house. Those old telephones weighed a ton and would wake the dead. Ignatz Horowitz / October 2nd, 2008 The second man in the burton Cool Suit advertis is Ben Stiller,right?! Pseudonimo / October 2nd, 2008 You have impeccable taste. These ads are fantastic! thanks! marinasaurus / October 2nd, 2008 I love all the vintage ads… I wish more current ads reflected the style of these older ads. Thanks for sharing!! Lauren / October 2nd, 2008 Apparently, a carton of Eve Cigarettes exploded all over Mrs. Fridgidaire’s kitchen! The CyberSlug / October 2nd, 2008 Great collection – some nice examples for ads in the “good old times”. But, like others, the Air Canada one I found to be especially good. They managed to make an ad that worked back then – but would just as well perfectly work today. I mean, hey – that’s vector graphics at it’s best, decades before vector graphic ads became popular! Ben / October 3rd, 2008 [...] Here. [...] H-ART Pink Maniacs / October 3rd, 2008 “Hi-fi in fiber glass, richest sounding, most portable ever built, Motorola” I like this, thanks for the post Gerekli linkler / October 3rd, 2008 [...] 50 inspiring vintage advertisements. [...] “Got Zippers?” / October 3rd, 2008 [...] voyage dans le temps (et principalement dans l’Amérique des années 50 à 70) à travers une cinquantaine d’affiches publicitaires constitue un délicieux concentré de sociologie et d’histoire des marques, avec ses [...] Motorola, Levi’s, Honda, Budweiser… Toujours à l’affiche | Presse-Citron / October 3rd, 2008 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated (tags: vintage marketing design forblog) [...] » Blog Archive » links for 2008-10-03 / October 3rd, 2008 [...] 50 anuncios… por samsaga2 hace pocos segundos [...] 50 anuncios inspiradores / October 3rd, 2008 Can all the Tech. staff wear the Burton Cool Suits and sunglasses one day—Halloween? Won’t have to pay your $. Michele / October 3rd, 2008 [...] Am I playing checkers with a lion in a suit or did I drink 30 bottles of Molsons again? Go. [...] C4: Helvetica Monopoly, Real Atlases, Modern Gas, Vintage Ads — Glark / October 3rd, 2008 [...] Avec toute la pub que je vous balance sur Placiturne, je ne peux que relever quand Presse-Citron nous renvoie sur ce site avec 50 affiches de pub vintage. [...] placiturne » Publicité vintage / October 3rd, 2008 [...] look silly and superficial now, but at the time they were state-of-the art. Well Medicated offers 50 Vintage Advertisements while Excitement Machine displays Ebony ads from [...] Five Favorite Stumbles of the Week, Vol. 3 | PR Prowess / October 3rd, 2008 [...] via Well-Medicated [...] American Apparently « / October 4th, 2008 [...] semaine. Référençant plus de cinquante publicités vintage, pour la plupart des années 50, cet article met en lumière certes le talent des publicitaires pour nous donner envie de consommer (et leur [...] Carnet : 4 octobre 2008 | ArN / October 4th, 2008 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated (tags: publicité retro vintage) [...] » links for 2008-10-05 > Ad & mar / October 5th, 2008 Oh yeah. Gimme a pack o’ camels and a double martini with a tight-topped babe showin’ off a dead-heat zeppelin race and I’m there. Too hot to handle and too cold to hold. Rockit if ya gottit. Woof. Bunk Strutts / October 5th, 2008 [...] cadou de ziua ei, 2 reclame vintage: [...] la multi ani, cristina! « MAKO’S De-stress-zone: / October 5th, 2008 [...] recopilación de anuncios antiguos. Sin la ayuda de sofisticados programas de diseño ni de potentes computadoras, también se crearon [...] - TECNOLOGÍA Y ARTE » Anuncios antiguos / October 5th, 2008 [...] (design, Mad Men, Vintage Ads) More stylistic goodness from the design guru that is . This time it’s vintage advertising. Particularly American advertising from the 50’s [...] Sure to Inspire (II)… « The Narocroc Weblog / October 5th, 2008 Great post ! Thanks for posting Furkan Tunalı / October 6th, 2008 [...] canlanması adına, işte o yıllardan kalma 50 adet yaratıcı reklama burdan ulaşabilirsiniz. bir nevi, reklam dünyasında geçmişe eğlenceli bir dönüş. [...] Sosyal İm - Teknoloji haberleri » reklam dünyasında, geçmişe eğlenceli bir dönüş » Blog Arşivi » reklam dünyasında, geçmişe eğlenceli bir dönüş / October 6th, 2008 [...] büyüktü. Gözünüzde canlanması adına, işte o yıllardan kalma 50 adet yaratıcı reklama burdan ulaşabilirsiniz. Bir nevi, reklam dünyasında geçmişe eğlenceli bir [...] reklam dünyasında geçmişe bir dönüş | grafikhaber / October 6th, 2008 [...] – 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated Hmmm. (tags: [...] op 6 oktober 2008 | Michel Vuijlsteke's weblog / October 6th, 2008 [...] ***50 Inspiring Vintage Ads from – Awesome for inspiration. NOTICE: simplicity is key [...] Monday Morning Mash-Up « Daily Dose of Design / October 6th, 2008 [...] Aqui. [...] Anúncios antigos « Juris et de jure / October 7th, 2008 Ahh, the good old days. Thanks for sharing these. Ryan G / October 7th, 2008 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements 昔の広告たち。 (tags: Cool ads gallery Retrospective) « links for 2008-10-06 [...] links for 2008-10-07 « tscpannex / October 7th, 2008 I’ve heard Woody Allen’s bit about being offered a vodka ad more than I can count; imagine my surprise at seeing the actual ad itself here! There’s a beautifully done series of books by Taschen which showcase the advertiser’s art; these look like the best of the best from the Sixties book. Downright suave… I second the motion to rewatch “Mad Men”! michael sean morris / October 8th, 2008 [...] Para chegar na galeria, na imagem lá de cima ou clique aqui. [...] Referências Vintage « Potó quer ser publicitário / October 8th, 2008 Wowee! You put a lot of work into this post. It is very entertaining. Thank you. NY Lou / October 10th, 2008 [...] ♥ 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements [...] Linkables « Aesthetic Thoughts / October 11th, 2008 [...] Source: 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated Did you enjoy this article? If yes, then subscribe to my RSS [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated - L3AK Magazine / October 13th, 2008 [...] vistos aqui [...] GOMA DE | anúncios vintage tchurly dos anos 50 e 60 anúncios vintage tchurly dos anos 50 e 60 / October 14th, 2008 Wow, I never actually saw twiggy. I’ve heard of her, but I never knew. This page started a bit of googling that really opened up my pop sensebilities. rick / October 14th, 2008 i love the last Volkswagen one “bigger than the biggest, smaller than the smallest” love it volkswagon / October 14th, 2008 The VW adverts are legendary, they should have resourced them on the launch of the new beetle Paul McMahon / October 16th, 2008 You are so fantastic at what you do. Keep up the good work! Terrence Anthony Breschi / October 16th, 2008 [...] [...] Vintage Advertisements « Moustier-City / October 19th, 2008 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements from the 50’s and 60’s. —Share/Bookmark This Published October 19th, 2008 in Design, Inspiration, Advertising [...] 50 inspiring vintage ads at / October 19th, 2008 [...] questo link ho trovato un blog che propone 50 pubblicità vintage tra le più [...] 81m80 » 50 vintage adv / October 19th, 2008 very inspiring :] Alex Samsonas / October 20th, 2008 [...] 50 vieilles pubs Ca d’abord. 50 pubs d’époque. Je me demande toujours pourquoi ces marques, pour celles qui essaient de jouer sur l’authentique/historique, notamment comme a pu le faire chez Vans, ou comme Converse le fait en ce moment, n’ont jamais ré-utilisé ces pubs, en les modifiant quelque peu pour les remettre au goût du jour. Parce que finalement, c’est la meilleure preuve d’authenticité que d’avoir des archives de 50 ans de pub, plutôt que de se casser les couilles à payer des agences de comm’ pour qu’elles pondent la même chose qu’à leur concurrent. [...] Je n’ai toujours pas pris le pli | Marc - Vans / October 20th, 2008 [...] Disfrútenlos todos dando click “Aquí” [...] 50 Anuncios Vintage « La Isla de la Tortuga / October 20th, 2008 [...] to be the granddaddy of advertising). I love all things vintage, so I thought I’d share this post from Well Medicated which showcases 50 ‘inspiring’ vintage [...] We Are Team Rubber » Vintage advertising raising a smile / October 21st, 2008 [...] Link [...] Publicidad de los 50´s y 60´s » Verde en el Pampón / October 21st, 2008 [...] has a great roundup of 50 Inspiring Vintage Ads. Its always a good idea to take a look at graphic designs history and learn from it! I absolutely [...] Inspiring Vintage Ads - Creattica Daily / October 21st, 2008 very nice pics!!! Istioselida / October 21st, 2008 [...] recently wrote a post, 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements, that featured vintage ads from the 50’s and 60’s. I am also fascinated by advertising [...] › Articles » Vintage Ad iPhone Wallpaper / October 22nd, 2008 Great to see some beautiful (albeit old) work from Canadian companies! Luke / October 22nd, 2008 I’m old enough (63) to remember a lot of these. I’m also old enough to remember that we thought many of them were pretty lame when they came out. In other words, Madison Ave. has a long history of not getting what The Kids Are All About. PreBoomerJustBarely / October 22nd, 2008 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements (tags: vintage retro poster inspiration advertising) [...] deea // supermagnet » Blog Archive » links for 2008-10-23 / October 23rd, 2008 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated [...] renaissance chambara | Ged Carroll - Links of the day / October 25th, 2008 would really drink a smirnoff, smoke an eve and wear an air canada tshirt right now! especially in one of the vws or in the mustang very inspiring, funny, crazy, sexist, political, social and natural, basic quality, as opposed to nowadays design technology! tomasan / October 26th, 2008 [...] [...] BlackMoon Development » Retro cigarettes ads / October 26th, 2008 [...] Anúncios “Vintage” inesquecíveis. Coletânea feita por Andrew Lindstrom do site Wellmedicated com os 50 mais inspiradores anúncios e propagandas impressas da década de 50. Os anúncios acima dizem tudo.Um do Woody Allen para Smirnoff e o 1o toca discos em “Fiberglass”da Motorolla. Fonte: Wellmedicated-Andrew Lindstrom clique aqui para ir no site [...] Anúncios “Vintage” inesquecíveis. « FunSurfer / October 26th, 2008 [...] Great collection of vintage ads put together by Well Medicated. [...] PocketNoodle » Blog Archive » Connected: Vintage Ads, Web fonts, Designing in public / October 29th, 2008 [...] can be the key to creating the latest new look. This small collection of vintage advertising on WellMedicated is an enlightening walk down memory lane. test Filed under design | Tags: advertising, design [...] D. Halstead Design | D. Halstead Design / October 31st, 2008 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements [...] Playground » Blog Archive » Vintage inspiration / November 1st, 2008 I got to get me one of those TV telephone gizmos LOL Mik / November 4th, 2008 [...] Anyhoo, check out the rest of the advertisements at Well Medicated 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements. [...] I got to get me one of those | Slightly Mordant / November 6th, 2008 [...] 50 inspiring vintage advertisements. [...] “Got Spin?” / November 6th, 2008 I get it. Julie / November 6th, 2008 Wonderful collection! An inspiration to any modern day advertiser. BTW, on a side note, regarding the Budweiser ad, the Busch company has long been an advertiser way ahead of the times. They also specialize in niche advertising, seemingly as far back as the 60s judging from that ad. I would wager that this came from a 50s-60s era black magazine, newspaper, or other media that was most likely not seen outside that circle. They do it today all the time, even catching heat for (very tasteful) homosexual advertisements that appear in said publications. However, once they are released onto the internet, well, we all know what happens. People assume they were on mainstream ads, uproar ensues, blah. Brilliant though! Mishy / November 7th, 2008 [...] but I don’t think anything we’ve found beats the Burton Cool Suit featured in a list of 50 Insipiring Vintage Ads. I’d wear the suits and the shades. This was written by Jordan. Posted on Friday, [...] Silver Lining Opticians Blog › The Burton Cool Suit / November 7th, 2008 What ever happened to Twiggy? tommy / November 8th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Western Electric « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Sony « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Lightolier « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Campbell’s « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Molson’s Golden Ale « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Monroe « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Burroughs Corporation « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Bigelow Carpet « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Ford Fairlane « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Ronrico « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Western Electric 2 « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] International Transtar-400 « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Lustre Creme « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Volkswagen 2 « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Ozite Carpet Tiles « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] excelente web WELLMEDICATED Well Design Overdose recoge una selección de 50 gráficas vintage de diferentes estilos y productos. Resulta muy interesante deleitarse en el buen hacer de los [...] Barcelona’s Chiringuito » Archivo del weblog » 50 anuncios vintage / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Corvette « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Dobbs « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Eve Filter Cigarettes « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Air Canada « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Wild Westerns « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Pabst Blue Ribbon « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Pontiac Bolero « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Smirnoff « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Motorola « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Western Electric 3 « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Budweiser « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Ouija Board « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Frigidaire « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Churchman’s No. 1 « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Kenmore Dryer « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] International De Luxe Delivery Trucks « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Levis « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Pontiac Bonneville « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Career Club Shirts « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Textron Fabrics « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Bell Telephone System « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Crescendoe « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Honda « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Tide « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Sprite « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Burton Cool Suit « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Vespa « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Dodge « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Twiggy Lashes « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Cadillac « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] AC Spark Plugs « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Emba « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 [...] Photo Credits: [...] Volkswagen 3 « Interesting Ads / November 18th, 2008 Amazing how slender the men are in these ads compared to how they appear in ads today. Linda / November 23rd, 2008 This reminds me how much i dislike todays advertising, it’s pretty much flash and flair with no substance. and takes up way too much space in a magazine that i’d like to see more interesting articles or photos from the magazine itself….Bravo i like these! LEland / November 24th, 2008 True graphic design before computers, a site to behold. Great post, thanks for brightening up my day. Frog / November 26th, 2008 [...] we are all about vintage or retro design. Who wouldn’t want a Burton Cool Suit? And these ‘Space Age’ illustrations are so yesterday’s tomorrow. I’ve [...] Yesterday » Obscurorant 2.0 / December 1st, 2008 Y’know, I think that the Bell extension phone ad might be a bit P.I. too “Since the kitchen is where you spend so much time..” xD I haven’t laughed like that in forever! Pyleic / December 7th, 2008 great site…..and I love the Volkswagen thank’s all so nice… rozi wagengoes / December 11th, 2008 great site…..and I love the Volkswagen thank’s all so nice… rozi wagengoes / December 11th, 2008 Amazing ads, i like VW and Sony. Online hry zdarma / December 12th, 2008 [...] Een aantal mooi vintage reclame posters. [...] vintage | / December 20th, 2008 [...] [...] Some interesting and hope usefull stuff :-) | / December 22nd, 2008 Fantastic post. Great to see how some of these styles are making/have made resurgences nowadays – though not always as well executed. Sketchybear / December 23rd, 2008 Excellet compilation of advertisement dude… thanks enjoyed it very much Alejandro Marcos / December 24th, 2008 [...] it is the advertising of the 50’s and 60’s that is most aesthetically pleasing to me. It seems every ad in that era was either a beautifully shot photograph or a stunning Rockwellian [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements - / December 27th, 2008 [...] of changing mindsets when compared to modern advertisments. Either way theres loads worth a look: 50 Vintage Advertisements worth a look This entry was posted in Room101. Bookmark the permalink. Post a comment or leave a trackback: [...] Inspiring Old Advertisements / December 27th, 2008 Wow…. breathtaking. Thank you so much for all the time and work it must have taken to put this together. Much appreciated! Neil / December 29th, 2008 The Air Canada ad is simply beautiful. Kristján Hrannar / December 29th, 2008 the volkswagen copy is killer anoop menon / December 30th, 2008 [...] of these great ads were selected from an inspiring post by the design blog WellMedicated and the others from flickr. Image source links can be found by clicking on the images [...] Color + Design Blog / Vintage Color & Design: Advertisements by COLOURlovers / December 30th, 2008 [...] 50 inspiring vintage advertisements [...] Linkdump 27 | / December 30th, 2008 Nice… Remus / January 4th, 2009 These are amazing ads. Would it be possible for me to write about some of them sometime, linking you of course – I write humor pieces based upon retro ads… Lidian / January 4th, 2009 thank you Travis / January 12th, 2009 [...] anúncios antigos bem bacanas. Posted by: Antonio Pedro [...] Dimaquina Blog » Blog Archive » Vintage propaganda / January 15th, 2009 [...] Via. [...] Volkswagen Vintage « Petite Brunette / January 19th, 2009 [...] Also if like me your just as interested in the adverts as the colour scheme, check out this post on Well Medicated via Colour [...] Crumbs - UX, Design & Advertising | Geenius / January 24th, 2009 these are all splendid. thanks for your marvelous collection! Kelsey / January 28th, 2009 wonderful site amazing retro patterns / February 2nd, 2009 [...] por anúncios antigos, principalmente os dos anos 50 e 60. Por isso que quando vi a lista de 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements do Well Medicated não resisti postar algumas das preciosidades que eles [...] Futricô » Blog Archive » Anúncios antigos - 50’s / February 4th, 2009 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated. [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated « Reimuse / February 4th, 2009 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements [...] HOAX magazine: Just another WordPress weblog / February 12th, 2009 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated] Category : [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated | Matt Castille / February 12th, 2009 How amazing are the COLOURS!!!! I can’t tell you how much these ad get me fired up. They are so inspirational. I love the phone colours. Those muddy washed out tones, so creamy and plastic. I love it! x : ) Miss Blossom / February 16th, 2009 [...] * Deliciosamente estupendo. [...] evasèe » 50 inspiring vintage advertisements / February 19th, 2009 [...] the Interweb for pretty old school posters, and came across WellMedicated’s listicle of 50 Inspiring Vintage Ads. The one at right, for Career Club Shirts, seems to have been the inspiration for American [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Ads | Listicles / February 20th, 2009 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated [...] Humble Money » Blog Archive » links for 2009-02-23 / February 23rd, 2009 Makes me want to go watch some rat pack movies. The poodle smoking is priceless. ryan / February 23rd, 2009 great collection. i sell some of the telephones that still mimic the old designs. some things change and some don’t tommy / February 28th, 2009 Awesome collection!!! I loved all pic’s and their ideas. Rit / March 4th, 2009 [...] more to see in via wellmedicated [...] Inspiring Vintage Advertisements « bubblewrap / March 8th, 2009 It just goes to show, you can’t be too careful. Russ from Peacehaven / March 9th, 2009 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements [...] Dallas McLaughlin's Extravagantly Self Accumulated Design Link Roundup | Dallas McLaughlin / March 15th, 2009 [...] WellMedicated: Design blog [...] Wyoming Humanities Network › Why I Love Vintage Advertising / March 20th, 2009 [...] I’ve always loved photos and advertisements from past eras. I love how they’re so ‘politicly incorrect’ but mostly because of their attention to detail/the layout. The adverstisements below are my favourite few from the 50 found here. [...] Time warp | Add The World / March 23rd, 2009 Hello>>> Can anyone shed any light on how these images were shot??? They are really colourful and contrasty>>> were they shot on transparancy??? x-processed??? Cam> x :] cam / March 26th, 2009 How is that volkswagon one not politically incorrect? “come in for pow-wow – save big wampum”!? obviously you aren’t indigenous starblanket / March 30th, 2009 thanks for posting these cool old ads, I think I like things the way they used to be….I guess that makes me an old coot, WTF? thanks, bill yerkes bill yerkes / April 2nd, 2009 Americas and the mind’s determination to this blog by using the contributions to civilization .. you can see the health … dincmetal / April 4th, 2009 [...] muito mais em todos os anúncios na fotografia, pintura, layout e tipografia. E o site wellmedicated selecionou 50 para [...] publicidade vintage « pra dar uma dedada / April 29th, 2009 Anyone else find those carpet tiles cool? Do they still make those? Fried Calamari / May 3rd, 2009 [...] Vintage Advertisements – Some very cool and interesting ads from the days of old. [...] Friday Favorites - May 8, 2009 | Jeff / May 8th, 2009 i love this site, what a collection. thanks. Emma Craig / May 13th, 2009 I am loving those so much, check out this collection of vintage ads stuffgirlslike / May 15th, 2009 I stumbled on this, and what a find! Some great work, some poignant reminders of how fast the world has been transformed by technology in the past 60 years. Thanks. Fred Campbell / May 26th, 2009 [...] aqui para ver la entrada original: 50-inspiring-vintage-advertisements/ Comparte este [...] Publicidad vintage que emociona | Adventure Graphics / May 26th, 2009 [...] Source: [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements | / May 31st, 2009 These ads are inspiring, telling us as much about ourselves as about the products. Fascinating look back over our history. Best, Charles Seymour Jr Say It So They Buy It / June 8th, 2009 I like the AC spark plugs ad – the others were cool as well. jason / June 13th, 2009 Wow these are amazing! I love the Air Canada and Sprite ads! kixvix / June 14th, 2009 Great stuff! Thanks for sharing these Kim Randall / June 20th, 2009 I Love Too Look At All The Vintage Goodies. Some of them are strangely ironic. B. BAM / June 29th, 2009 [...] cool Blog Post. [...] Get Back to Work!» Blog Archive » Vintage Advertisements / June 30th, 2009 [...] Via: wellmedicated [...] Turntable « 2.8 / July 6th, 2009 [...] Ce qui est intéressant c’est de voir l’incroyable attention accordée à la mise en page et la typographie de ce genre d’affiches. C’est graphique et beau… Voici quelques exemples dans la suite, mais le tout est disponible sur ce le blog well Medicated [...] 50 affiches “vintages” / July 12th, 2009 this is my first time seeing beautiful vintage ads. i probably too fed up with more popular scary vintage ads. duh. robb / July 15th, 2009 [...] Inspiring Vintage Ads. Right here. __________________ "In a trail of fire I know we will be free again — In the end we [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Ads. - - Multiplayer Gaming and Media Community / July 26th, 2009 [...] I really got a little teary-eyed when Jim Norris retweeted a link to Well Medicated’s ” 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements” post. This is Mad Men quality stuff in the gallery (click link to enjoy). I can almost hear [...] Grab a martini and escape from Cash for Clunkers! Vintage automotive advertisements | Truck Blog / July 29th, 2009 [...] here to see more Inspirationads, ads collection, Vintage [...] Vintage Ads collection | BNCScripts / August 4th, 2009 I really do enjoy looking back at this kind of stuff, it is amzing how a company slowly changes in front of your eyes, but it isn’t until you do something like this that you can really see the difference thanks Kaplang / August 4th, 2009 supersuper ! dankjewel ! inez / September 4th, 2009 [...] Inspiring vintage advertisements Great posters and old stuff. [...] Design links for the week | Designer Daily / September 16th, 2009 Love it! Smirnoff was fantastic – “Come out of your shell” that just cracks me up! that’s Woody right? Deezo / September 16th, 2009 [...] tags: [...] Furkan Tunalı v4 beta // 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements // WellMedicated / / September 17th, 2009 [...] via wellmedicated [...] Vintage Ads « thisisanexperiment. no, really. it is. / September 20th, 2009 [...] The Well Medicated Blog has curated collections of distinct advertisement campaigns. I especially enjoyed the vintage advertisement of the 50s and 60s. [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements | morguefile / September 21st, 2009 [...] Vintage Advertisements from Wellmedicated. Nuff said. Check ‘em [...] Four Cool Things I Saw Today « 21dB / September 21st, 2009 [...] Vía Well Medicated [...] Phaaroos » 50 avisos retro inspiradores / September 28th, 2009 Appalling apostrophe confusion in that International Harvester ad. Saxo Grammaticus / October 1st, 2009 are you all calling this advertising, hell, my 2 month old baby does even better when it has an old rusted spoon up his ass!!!!!!!! losers jacky / October 15th, 2009 nice collection ffcode / October 19th, 2009 nice! especially the smirnoff ad with woody allen!! jonathan / October 19th, 2009 LOVE THESE! Great work compiling. Only one thing I wish that could have been included is the year the ads ran. Now that would have been really interesting – though probably difficult to get. aZalec / October 19th, 2009 Its just amazing to see how sophisticated advertising has become over the years. I love that most of the messages in the ads were less than 140 characters!! Susan Grimes / October 19th, 2009 Ouija Board is my favourite – kinda creepy but hilarious at the same time. Stephen Scott / October 19th, 2009 [...] 50 Inspiring Vintage Ads [...] 50 vintage ads « casa az / October 20th, 2009 [...] October 21, 2009 That’s not a very nice thing to say about that girl… Oh what innocent times! 50 other examples of advertising in a bygone era here [...] Do The Skate!? « Brendan Mitchell / October 21st, 2009 Absolutely wonderful collection! You really see how far advertising and illustration has fallen since the 1990s. Everything’s so formal and bland now, but back then, advertising was much more playful, eye-catching and whimsical, especially in the 60s and 70s. What happened to the colorful backdrops, clever puns, and funny images? Why is advertising so uptight today and relying so heavily on boring imagery? / January 29th, 2010 Advertising is not what it used to be. The most fascinating thing is that they even advertised for Ouija boards. Sara / April 28th, 2010 I’m trying to figure out what the lady in the mink is doing with that poor monkey! Maybe sizing him up for her next jacket?! John / July 19th, 2010 very inspiring…have always been intrigued by vintage ads… Eddy / July 27th, 2010 That electrician only made $8,500 a year?!?! That carpet must have only been like 5 bucks to install then! lizzylou / July 29th, 2010 sweet stuff!! i actually had a pair of the green striped levi flares!! a lot of these ads feel like they were in playboys!! mark / August 27th, 2010 Love it!! Quite inspiring indeed! =) Sara / September 9th, 2010 Love the Ronrico ad kropped / September 22nd, 2010 Amazing collection of vintage ads, Western Electric picturephone I like the most! adbranch / November 11th, 2010 Reminds me of simpler times, when an ad could be knocked out in a morning, you charged two months salary for it and spent the afternoon in the bar telling each other how great you were and how lucky the client was! The work was good though – simple but good Bruce Allinson / December 1st, 2010 Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Subscribe Feed your inspiration addiction. Join the other 4539 subscribers and never miss an update again. 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