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(Cover-up) Tattoo Ideas

I want to cover up a barcode tattoo on my lower back (it's blurred over time, unfortunately) with something pretty and colorful. I'm thinking a vibrant flower. Or something architecture-y.

(Cover-up) Tattoo Ideas

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26 Watercolor Tattoos Without Outlines That Are Truly Works Of Art

26 Best Watercolor Tattoos Without Outlines Like Dolly Parton's

I'd love to do this in charcoal. Maybe even add a drip wash

Ballet by stenkaka on deviantART

Black Swan by Art-Of-Evil-Crayo... on @deviantART

Black Swan by Art-Of-Evil-Crayons on deviantART

Harold and the Purple Crayon | 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books From Childhood

50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books From Childhood

Jigglypuff why doesn't jigglypuff use a highliter instead so at night........

Google Image Result for

pokemon Jigglypuff loves tea !!cute kawaii sweet!!

Super cute Pokemon Jigglypuff tattoo.

I don't usually like any type of "modern art" tattoo, but this man's work is so beautiful. Peter Aurisch.

Why not become a canvas for some abstract flora. | 49 Bloody Brilliant Black & Grey Tattoo Ideas

49 Bloody Brilliant Black & Grey Tattoo Ideas

A beautiful abstract tattoo of flowers by German tattoo artist Peter Aurisch

Abstract Tattoos by Peter Aurisch

Gorgeous Heart Tattoo by artist Peter Aurisch based out of Berlin, Germany. Bold oranges and an anatomical heart? I'm in love.

Tattoo Art Meets Graphic Design

Peter Aurisch tattoos / my next tattoo. maybe in september!

Abstract fox tattoo. I'm not in to tattoos but I l'm in to foxes and that looks pretty cool, not gonna lie...

Fox Tattoos : Page 12

#Peter Aurisch #tattoo

Peter Aurisch I do not like watercolor tattoos generally, speaking but this work is gorgeous.

Amazing tattoo artists. - Imgur


Knitted. Flower. Tattoo. Amazing.

beautiful leaves tattoos cover up ideas

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10 Impressive Tattoo Cover Ups

pop art tattoo

★ The Coolest Tattoo Ideas | Best Unusual & Creative Tattoos ★

Amazing fox and bird tattoo

Color Lily Tattoo by *hatefulss - I do not like lilies but the shading on this tattoo is gorgeous. "Watercolor" inspired- no black ink. The only flower tattoo that I want is a magnolia blossom but I am not sure this technique would work on a white flower.

Color Lily Tattoo by hatefulss on deviantART

peacock tattoo | 25 Sweet Peacock Feather Tattoo Collection | CreativeFan I'd like those peacock feathers as a cover-up tattoo!

25 Sweet Peacock Feather Tattoo Collection | CreativeFan