She seemed innocent and helpful, guiding us along our path, but oh how wrong we were. Behind those cloudy grey eyes hid a raging storm. It was easy for her to maipulate us, just so she could get want she had wanted all a long.

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"Me to," I agreed as I wrapped my arm around her. "This isn't a joking matter John!" She shoved my arm off her slender shoulder and stiffened into a ball. "Cassie, it's okay," I started to laugh in a dark manner, "Peyton will get over it..." "But will I?"

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Nora will financially survive by becoming a writer. She will write about her past (not including her crime) and express to her readers why women should be treated equally with any other human. Using her past as support for her book.

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We’ve all heard a variation of the advice: Show, Don't Tell. In other words, don’t tell us what happened, show us. But how do you know you’ve succeeded? -- Revise to "show, don't tell" by replacing adjectives with action verbs

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