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How-To Doll Crafts

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Make Popcorn for your American Girl doll

More printouts - American Girl Doll Print Outs!! =]

American Girl Craft Tutorials

dolls houses and minis: How to Make a Braided Rug for Your Dolls House

How to Make a Doll Swimming Pool 3: Doll Floaties | Doll Fire Pit - Doll Crafts - YouTube

How to make No Sew hair accessories for your American Girl Doll - YouTube

Make movie theater drinks, candy and snacks for American Girl 18" Doll and other dolls using clay. Toni Ellison has many wonderful step by step tutorials on Youtube. Miniatures.

American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun!: Spice it Up/Quick and Easy Craft: Make a Doll Vanity Tray

Camp Doll Diaries - Fashion Photography Tips

Camp Doll Diaries – Victorian Egg and Spoon Race Doll Craft — Doll Diaries

Doll Craft-A Mini Notebook — Doll Diaries

Make a Gardening Apron for Dolls

Doll Craft-Make a Watering Can — Doll Diaries

Polymer Clay Food Tutorial - scroll down to see numerous projects list on the right under "Labels" (made for 18" dolls; re-size for Barbie)

Make Sweets and Treats for your AG Dolls from beads and craft foam. A fun new YouTube Video from MyFroggyStuff

My Froggy Stuff: Say Cheese! How to Make a Doll Instant Camera for almost any size doll :oD

Easy PVC Trampoline for 18" dolls (Play Time pattern #1001AP)

Free-standing swing that seats two 18" dolls (Swing Time pattern #1003AP). Easy DIY using PVC pipe.

OMG! These are the cutest American Girl Doll Bunk Beds! They are a diy using IKEA doll beds which makes them inexpensive and easy to customize. So cute!

American Girl Doll Furniture

How to make hangers for american girl clothes

6 part tutorial on how to make jewelry for your American Girl doll.

How to Make a No Sew Belt for your American Girl Dolls