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"Too easy" to start "assigning blame" for death of Syrian boy: Mulcair

The Jawara Tribe in the Andaman Islands has fought off nearly all attempts by civilized people to penetrate their domain. As a result, this primitive culture has retained its customs for thousands of years. Yet a few visitors have been accepted, returning with remarkable footage of a kind of people nearly otherwise decimated from the earth. I saw a documentary …

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"Intelligence is just an openness of Being- capacity to see without prejudice, Capacity to listen without interference, Capacity to be with things without any prior ideas about them-that's what intelligence is. Intelligence is an openness of Being." Book- Intelligence by Osho #osho #word #intrinsicgenius #loveeverymoment #meghancurrieyoga #truth #intelligence

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Bruce, Meg & Me: 1,000 Miles on the trail of Robert the Bruce

The crimes of Brock Turner and Omar Mateen may be discussed as if they're unrelated. They're not.

Two violent men, two symptoms of the same sickness

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Mental health care provision - failings and opportunities

A mental health taskforce report offers a bleak assessment on the current state of services as well as suggestions for change in the future.

Mental health care provision - failings and opportunities - BBC News

Did you smile when you read the headline? So did I. Because according to a new study cited in Higher Perspective, we ...

New study reveals worriers and over-thinkers tend to have high IQs and are linked to creative genius

「南海仲裁案」將宣判 馬英九登太平島宣示主權

9 Honest Things You Need to Say to Yourself When You're Struggling in Your Career:

9 Honest Things You Need to Say to Yourself When You're Struggling in Your Career


Homeless Man Hands Woman A Note That Goes Viral

A student and mother named Casey recently went to grab breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts. She noticed a homeless man sitting on the side of the road, scrounging for any change he could get. Casey watched him enter the restaurant in the hopes he could buy something to eat or drink, and that’s when the loquacious... View Article

Mom Buys Homeless Man Breakfast, Then He Slips Her A Note With A Shocking Confession