Filippo Buccino
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Real deer heads on the wall....No... This picture blown up and on a canvas, Yes!!
Triangle tattoos. Friendship tattoos, what they represent
Love my triangle tattoo
triangles | wrist tattoo | Morning Boutique - the triangle is the strongest geometric shape - under any pressure
I just said today I'd never get tatted anywhere above my shoulders but I like this. =)
Small. Triangles. Tattoo. A triangle is the mathematical symbol for ‘change’ - also known as the Greek symbol ‘delta’. After ending a long and tumultuous relationship I wanted to get something simple to represent the positive changes in my life.
Not normally what I like, but I kinda like this one. Don't know if I'd ever actually get it, but I like it.
.Love this! Wish I could get a sleeve, but I'll just have to settle for mandala shoulder caps instead.
Pretty flower tattoo...50 Examples of Girly Tattoo | Cuded