Art journal background.....Perfect!! designate a shape/space, commit to it, paint it, border it get it ready for writing/ a photo. Sometimes journal take so long, fartin around with backgrounds, embellishments changes, you thing it's like a commissioned art work are afraid of effing it up you never actually get to the JPOURNALING part! .....or maybe that`s just me :(

old book , dunked in a vat of Rit dye and let dry, as start of an art journal

Art Journaling II: images

blog full of tutorials and ideas.


work by a talented friend and artist

Gesso and Stencils

Great journal page

Bubble Wrap Paintings. Would look so cool framed.

Let go

I always think of new knitting things to make...


Art Journal—gorgeous.

art journaling techniques


journal drops

Scrap Happens Here: Tutorial - How to Make Paper Look Olde Worlde

Cookstah Owls. Love the lil' eyes.

Art Journaling Tumblr

are you flowin'?: Image transfers in your art journal - a photo-heavy tutorial

On the Funny side of Life

How to for paint-splattered portrait by Adryane Driscoll

How To Prepare and Choose a Book for Art Journaling or Altered Books

I adore this page!

Art Journal Portrait tutorial by Pam Carriker