Teen Birthday Party Ideas

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Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teen Birthday Party Ideas

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Make a bag full of vocabulary words, have kids draw one, then spin this spinner and do the resulting activity. All kinds of fun!

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Birthday Party Games for kids of all ages

Birthday Party Games for kids of all ages - Birthday Blueprints


Official teenager birthday cake! Switch to blue or whatever other color for a boy.

Official teenager birthday cake — Birthday Cakes

  • Alissa Kahlandt
    Alissa Kahlandt

    No I need an official adult one!!

  • Mandy Woodall
    Mandy Woodall

    Alicia's 13th b day

  • esmeralda


  • esmeralda

    Awesome comeback alissa

  • Elaine Pectol
    Elaine Pectol

    although switching to blue for a boy wouldn't work because of the zeebra print and bow on top. (unless you like that sort of thing)

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How to Create a S'mores Bar!

The High Heeled Hostess: holidays

  • Maddison Kable
    Maddison Kable


  • Melissa C.
    Melissa C.

    This would be so fun to have out at a summer bonfire! Potentially a grad party idea?

  • Samantha Wright
    Samantha Wright

    Love it

  • Fifi Wood
    Fifi Wood


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veggies & dip in a cup. cute idea if you don't want to put out trays.

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Teenage Birthday Party Games

Teenage Birthday Party Games - Birthday Party Ideas


Birthday Party - Super Cute Treat Bag Idea!!

pretty pink tulips: Little Boys' Birthday Party - Game On


teenage birthday decorating party ideas

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Mall Scavenger Hunt shopping bags

Mall Scavenger Hunts

  • Jennifer Harned
    Jennifer Harned

    So I did this for my neighbors 13th birthday, and it was super fun! And then last year I decided to do it for my 13th, and one of the ones my parents came up with was "get a picture with one of the mall guards" and we told them it was for a scavenger hunt and they said, "I'm sorry you aren't allowed to do scavenger hunts and we are going to have to ask you to leave." Really??

  • Sydney Jones
    Sydney Jones

    wow thats sad..... and isn't that a little rude that they wouldn't even let you have your party game there? I think so.....

Hot Pink and Zebra Print Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cake

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  • denise plamer
    denise plamer

    Love this so cute

Shaving cream over a shower cap and then throw Cheetos on top- whoever catches the most, wins! fun party game

Fun-O-lympics! 6 Olympics Party Ideas


Bug Spray station----for outdoor parties. Could use sunscreen, too

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 186010


teen birthday party favors

RunningwScissorsStamper: 3-D Thursday: Club Appreciation Gifts


Hunting birthday cake...

MyJuiceCup » The Deer Cake

  • Stephanie Penn
    Stephanie Penn

    Alison Brooke This is the cake for your dad!!!!!

  • Tonya Mays
    Tonya Mays

    That is exactly my daughter's name...spelling too! :)

  • katie taylor
    katie taylor

    Courtney Taylor

Duck hunting birthday cake

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  • katie taylor
    katie taylor

    Courtney Taylor

Stunning Fly Fishing Birthday Cake

Fly Fishing Birthday Cake — Birthday Cakes


Fishing Birthday Cake

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  • katie taylor
    katie taylor

    Courtney Taylor

Coolest #drum birthday cake ever

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watermelon, drum kit - my son hates cake so this seems pretty rad instead of cake for his birthday

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What a gorgeous cake!!

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Dancing party cake for a just dance birthday party

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Cheerleader Birthday Cake

Cheerleader Birthday Cake » Celebration Cakes


Cheer leading Birthday Cake

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  • Marley Smiley
    Marley Smiley

    my name is marley hehehe

xbox birthday party

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xbox birthday party

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