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Go Jo Lo: Peeps & Koal are 28. weird. underachievers.

A boy and his #Newfoundland dog


Sweet friends

Let's all take a moment and be thankful that spiders don't fly.

I Love You Mom

Someone has some explaining to do.

I know a kitty like this.

I found this cat for you.

So sweet!

Four is a great number.

Beware of Easter identity theft.

Lavender Quilts: Saturday's Smile!!

Hand over the carrots and no one gets hurt.

Is it time for me to deliver eggs yet?

Is it time for me to deliver eggs yet?

May I lick your ice cream cone? Of course, you may!

May I lick your ice cream cone?

This is what cats dream about.

Here comes Peter Cottontail and his kitty friend.

American Robin. I have watched this bird my whole life. Note the white eye ring - many people are not aware of it.

Great idea.

The shredding and running and looking for catnip start about 10 P.M.

We all need a pick-me-up sometimes!

  • Ruth Cipolla
    Ruth Cipolla

    I want this dog.

  • Tish Fricks
    Tish Fricks

    Me too! What a sweet baby face!

Downward dog has nothing on these kitties!

  • Kylene Kleine
    Kylene Kleine

    Typical day at my house with 2 kittens bouncing around!

A regular visitor to my birdfeeder

Northern Cardinal

Say cheese.