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Quotes On Images: Your Daily Doze Of Inspiration

I loved paint

If you remember…

Never thought of it that way.

Why people change | Quotes About Life

Liking A New Song

Liking A New Song

1000 Life Hacks

1000 Life Hacks


Proud of being weird…

Proud of being weird…

I love how many of my friends think that one bad night's sleep is insomnia. Try having a bad night's sleep almost every single night.

I'm a fiercely independent soul, believing strongly in the importance of being whole on your own. But still, I am a hopeless romantic, infatuated with mad, passionate love, and the idea of two souls merging as one. These sides often battle, and they fight hard. And they both refuse to back down.

I'm a fiercely independent soul, believing strongly in the...

my life

Every night is the same!

Two Best Buddies Matching Clothes

Two Best Buddies Matching Clothes



Mind blown!



Now that I'm a teacher, I make sure to erase the board completely, because I’m pretty sure this annoys almost everyone in the class (it annoyed me when I was in school).

I guess I'm creative... Or I sleep in late and can't sleep at night. Ill go with the creative part


You can even practice a sport while reading -- hold a book in one hand and a fishing rod in another. Or leave the fishing up to people you're with, and just read!

Teenager post? Try adult post! Can't afford to shop because we're too broke paying rent and bills! Lol

hahaha true story.

hilarious! #dog #funny

You know what's the best part of waking up early

Daniel Radcliffe is the male Jennifer Lawrence