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sliding vanity drawers-I don't like the sink but the drawer would be great to hide all of my stuff..

POWDER ROOM ORIG CAP: Floating sink with hidden vanity and storage drawer Hidden vanity drawers. Keuco Edition 300 vanity 3072 in oak finish with matching sink and faucet.

Lavabo Pequeno Armários planejados são aliados na hora da organização.

In a home short on storage, builder Todd Best worked hard to provide his client with plenty of cabinet space. This custom sliding storage unit was built into an area of the master bathroom that is normally wasted space.

Objetos de grande volume, os acessórios de cabelo ficaram organizados no armário embaixo da pia.

Nothing is more frustrating than burning yourself on an iron as it cools down on the counter. But this narrow drawer keeps them out of harm's way and is especially handy for people with little kids. See more at Sicora Design Build