Circular Economy

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the diagram shows how to use different types of trees in an area that is surrounded by land
Why a Circular Economy?
two circles with arrows pointing in different directions and the words, from linear to circular economy
From a Linear to a Circular Economy
an info sheet describing the benefits of circular economy
Circular Economy Manifesto
12 Key principles for a transition towards a circular economy
Circular ideas Fast Fashion, The Borrowers, Lifestyle
5 Tips to Embrace a Circular Lifestyle
Circular ideas
an orange and black poster with many different types of boats on it's sides
The Circular Economy
Infographic by BlackRock, the worlds biggest asset management company.
a diagram showing the stages of recycling and recycling
Circular Systems
The half-butterfly diagram where recycling is phased out. In theory the other functions should be robust enough where recycling becomes obsolete.
an info sheet with red and black text on it, including the words full circle
Full Circle
Turning waste onto value chains with circular supply chains