Pretty much. Reading is my escape from this world. If I'm having a bad day, there's an easy fix. Go Camp Half-Blood and visit Percy. Fly with the flock. Be brave with Tris. Practice archery with Katniss. Just get away.

Narnia Percy Jackson Eragon The Hobbit The Maze Runner Divergent Harry Potter The Hunger Games The Fault In Our Stars The Mortal Instruments I've seen/read all except Narnia and TFIOS

Harry Potter

Snapes love for Lily was endless. Never in my Harry Potter days have I cried so much when I saw Snapes memories.

Snapes love for Lily was endless. Best Love Story EVER ❤️ Better love story than Twilight I totally ship Lily and Snape!


Why do all the best people die? When you’re in a garden which flowers do you pick? The most beautiful ones Exactly

Amateur photographer

Give your child the expensive pro camera and see what magic is possible. He/she will feel vervy vibrancy and explore new passions!


saw a similar post about the Avada Kedavra curse being some kind of translation for "I will create dead bodies as I speak".

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An Evangelion Masterpiece: Kyonghwan “Tahra” Kim is a freelance concept artist and illustrator from Korea. Good thing he’s got a book collecting his work already, because it saves me asking for one.

harry potter | Tumblr

Harry Potter necklaces-- I would wear any of these! I have the Time Turner. But there's also a random Mockingjay pin in there. Oh well, I'd wear that too.


Tris (Divergent) Katniss (hunger games), Lucy pevensie (narnia) hermoine granger (harry potter) percy jackson, the mortal instruments.

LOL this is awesome

What's your opinion on Winky? Did you enjoy the Deathday party? And did you cry at the last words Dudley said to Harry? I mean, you can still be a fan if you've only watched the movies, but you miss out on all the wonderful things the books provide.

chronicles of narnia, lord of the rings, harry potter, percy jackson, hunger games, mortal instruments

Narnia, The lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The hunger games and The mortal instruments! My exept mortal instruments