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Clowns often feature in memories of ritual abuse, also disney characters and authority figures. It is used to discredit victims accounts of abuse as fabricated. Also the use of masks/face paint can be another tool for programming alters.

Sad clown makeup- would look great for Night Circus themed Halloween! Make up inspiration

Now that's a cool use of stilts & costuming...The Galactic Stilt Walkers by chooyutshing, via Flickr

Cool use of stilts & costuming.The Galactic Stilt Walkers by chooyutshing

From Charles Fréger's Wilder Mann series

bulgarian men in babugeri costumes, used in pagan rituals. Kukeri - is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with costumed men performing the ritual

Murmurs - Victoria Thierrée Chaplin

Murmurs - Victoria Thierrée Chaplin

paper dresses

Art & Design research professor, Mauricio Velasquez Posada and his students have created a series of origami dresses. In Feb this was a student project called "Animorfos" but now it has evolved into "Geomorfos: the body as a metaphor of the geographical".