How to transfer a photo onto a slab of wood… for a unique diy photo display.

42 Craft Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell

Photo transfer to wood by printing on wax paper then transferring - 42 Craft Project Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell - Big DIY IDeas

DIY Pallet Photo Frames With Mod Podge Photo Transfer.

50+ Awesome DIY Image Transfer Projects

Get outta town - I can make my own chalkboard paint in any color/quantity I want!!!

Make your own custom colored chalkboard. Just mix 2 tbsp of unsanded tile grout per cup of flat latex paint. Let dry. Sand with sandpaper.

I’ve been doing some facebook lives (see them here) and someone requested photo transfer onto wood. and I’ve never done that. but I’m always up for a fun new craft! I hopped on pinterest and found….a bazillion different ways. So I weeded through them all and came up with the 4 basic ways to achieve …

How to transfer photos on wood -4 different ways

How to transfer photos on wood 4 different ways, grab DIY Tutorials for this fun crafting project.

DIY Lace Bowls

DIY Lace Doily Bowl

DIY lace doily bowl, and other ideas for crafting with lace doilies. by suzana

Flowers Kanzashi petals Twisted ✄ Anastasia Kulikova - YouTube

Резинки канзаши, МК / DIY Scrunchy with Kanzashi flower / Black & White Ribbon Flowers

Scrap Wood Photo Blocks

Scrap Wood Photo Blocks

Like ideas for clips - Could use with the wood & burlap frame - DIY Scrap Wood Photo Blocks - such a cool idea as an alternate to a picture frame. Great DIY gift idea, too! Awesome tutorial from View From The Fridge!

Мастер-класс на игольчатый георгин из ленты 2,5 см. #kanzashi

Мастер-класс на игольчатый георгин из ленты 2,5 см. #kanzashi

snowmanfamilyframe.jpg 400×289 pixels

A "snowman family portrait" made from the fingers cut from white gloves and embellished with whatever makes your family you (ie: favorite colors, hats, etc.) FUN family winter project (and would make a cute gift)

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