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The 10 Best Running Tours to Explore the World

Thanks to these running tours, you can sightsee major cities and immerse yourself in the culture and history — all on foot.

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Guided run tours let visitors (and locals) see a place in a much more nuanced way. We pause from running at an intersection in downtown Toronto.

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holiday travel is stressful enough without worrying about getting your runs in. Iv'e got a few tips on how to keep up running through holiday travel

Runner experience: "I was going for a record, instead I'm processing my first DNF" - Canadian Running Magazine

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In this episode, Michael discusses growing profitably with a multi-city team and ways to evaluate in a city is working out. He talks about the systems and team needed to expand a business to other cities.

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A spotlight with a local expert who brings some fun to Austin sight-seeing and from the journey of your very own running shoes. Meet the rockstar behind City Running Tours, Lee Ackerley!

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For these ageless athletes, it’s all about the long game.

Running, music, beer - for some, it's the perfect combination. That's why City Running Tours is unveiling a new event, the Antone's Music

Running tours can be a great way to explore a destination while keeping in shape when you travel. Our guide offers the best tips and tricks for a guided city running tour and offers a list of the best running tours in top travel destinations.