Truth is... I love going to the gym & I love working out. I do it for the burn, I do it to make my body look better, I do it to burn off food I've eaten but mostly I do it because there's no better feeling than the feeling you have after a good workout!

The things you think your soul mate will love about you... that song you love, how you always wear black nail polish, you can walk in selience together for miles, old book store. Too bad those are all prob on the list of things he hate about me

36 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever

36 Of The Best Inspirational Quotes Ever

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People who need to be liked are lying to self and others. They are fake in a world of off-the-rack. The world loves a novelty, an original, a one of a kind. He is a character and so am I. But that is our uniqueness and we love that in each other.