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lemon-lime syrup

Curry and Comfort - excellent lentil recipes - will need to veganize them but great starting point for authentic recipes

lemon-lime soda syrup

Cookin' with Super Pickle: Condensed Cream Soups Substitute(gluten free version too)

another lemon-lime syrup recipe

Recipe for Lemon Lime Soda - Made With All Natural Ingredients Ingredients: 1 cup fresh lemon juice 1 cup fresh lime juice cup lemon and lime zest (p.

Cola recipe

Unusual Food Handler: Coca Cola - How to make Coca-Cola at home

Candle light - jar filled with hosta leaves, water and candle

Curl a wide green leaf and drop it into a glass jar — then fill the jar with water and float a tea light on top. Or use lengths of birch bark (available at craft stores) to wrap the outside of a jar or candleholder, and fasten them with twine.

15 Candle Projects to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

There are a lot of ways to incorporate candles in outdoor spaces, and today I’ve rounded up 15 of my favorites. This list has everything from hanging luminaries to citronella ideas to afforda…