Garden Pruning Guide | List of easy to grow plants and when to prune from a DIY gardener. This is broken down into types of plants with examples that make it super simple. #Sponsored

Garden Pruning Guide

Great little fairy house.

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Fairy house from old stump

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I Love Gardening from my head TOMATOES! Available Here:

I love Gardening from my head TOMATOES

Hugelkultur is a composting method that uses large pieces of rotting wood as the centerpiece for long term humus building decomposition. The decomposition process takes place below the ground, while at the same time allowing you to cultivate the raised, or sunken, hugelkultur bed. This allows the plants to take advantage of nutrients released during decomposition

Hugelkultur: Composting Whole Trees With Ease

You could make the planters different heights and decorate with plastic wrought iron stair steps or half circles

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Some plants to buy for fairy gardens! What is a fairy garden you may ask? It is a miniature little garden that you can put in a single pot. It is full of moss, flowers, herbs, or whatever small plants you prefer. What makes a fairy garden really special though, are all the little items that you can use to decorate! There are lawn chairs, rakes, pots, bird baths, bridges, and more!

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Snow Village Lamp - Fillable glass lamp idea using homemade Putz houses! Great decorating ideas website too.

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Woodland Twig Garden Entrance - Fairy Garden Miniatures - Dollhouse Miniatures - Doll Making Supplies - Craft Supplies

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Instead of a terrarium, turn a basket into a delightful little fairy garden. | 33 Irresistibly Spring DIYs

33 Irresistibly Spring DIYs

Best and worst woods for Hugelkultur garden Some of the more desirable woods are: Alders Apple Birch Cottonwood Poplar Willow Less desirable woods include: Cedar – lasts long because of natural anti microbial properties Black walnut – contains the toxin juglone Black locus – resistant to rotting, may be more useful in humid areas Pine and fur – both contain tannins

Hugelkultur: Composting Whole Trees With Ease

This reproduction of a medieval garden is really perfect.

Le(s) jardin(s) - le jardin médiéval -

Making Willow Water / Salicylic Acid and SAR | Growing a Willow Tree from just a twig: The hormones in willows cause rapid rooting, and they discovered these same hormones could induce rooting in other plants, too.

Making Willow Water / Salicylic Acid and SAR

garden gate.. You could easily DIY w/ twigs hot glue gun & patience- fairly basic; I'd start w/ the outside & work inward.

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rain barrel.

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How to make a waddle fence.

Wattle Fence | How Dreary to be Somebody

Propagate Basil for Pennies!

How to Propagate Basil

dancing garden jewels stake - tutorial - add glass beads to flexible wire and attach to a decorated pole for the garden

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Greenhouse that will hold a Fairy Garden made from old windows| would grow herbs in here

Our Garden Path: Mini Greenhouse to hold a Fairy Garden

Una buena idea para hacer un cuadro con plantas.

Make a Living Succulent Picture

Small Storage Sheds • Ideas & Projects! With lots of Tutorials!

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This lady really knows her seeds. She explains in great detail how to pick seeds and how to store them.

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Fancy this melting out door art for watering your potted plant in the summer as well as just enjoying in the winter..and ...Just some fun thing to do, Freeze whatever you love in a cake pan.. Add water,( boil it first ,then cool it for clearer ice ), berries, petals,evergreen, whatever. You can use a nail with the string tied to it, lay it at the top, it will also freeze, this makes the hanger ..

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for the garden

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DIY chalkboard planters

Chalkboard Planters with FolkArt Stencils and Paint