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Favorite Reason to lose sleep baby girl by SweetlySpokenShop

Love You Forever Nursery Decor by PalletsandPaint on Etsy, $ favorite baby book!

And even after the friendship ends I continue to be loyal. You can tell a lot about a person by what they say about someone once the relationship is over!

Maybe it's hatred. I hate liars so it's has to be hate. Never forgive someone who lies repeatedly. They aren't worth it. And trust me they will keep lying. Promises mean nothing at all.

For men who abuse their families: If you're lying and cheating you're on borrowed time. #domestic #violence #quote #Abuse #abusiverelationships #domesticviolence #dv #emotionalabuse

Liars disgust me. Yes we all tell the odd white lie every now then but people who create their own truths by lying not only others but to themselves....I have zero respect for. Be honest, the situation may be good or bad , just own it!

isn't that worse?.....why couldn't you have been man enough to call, apologize, and end it all? after everything you did to me, i deserved it.

bahaha! I actually know a few different people this could apply to. I'm such a bitch for being so passive aggressive about it though. I'm sure somewhere, someone will write some huge facebook rant about it and I'll never see it or care about it. What a pity.

Silhouette cutting fabric with Heat and Bond

Did you know that cutting fabric on your Silhouette is so easy. Today, I want to get practical and show how easy it is to cut fabric with a Silhouette. Here’s how to cut fabric with a Silhouette Cameo. The Seasoned Homemaker

Monograms Made Easy: 72 Fonts & Frames - damask love -- great examples of how to use all those fun fonts to make awesome monograms

Good fonts for vinyl cutting

Getting Started with Vinyl for Electronic Cutting Machines - Great for personalized DIY projects!

The Mother Lode of Silhouette Tips & Tutorials...especially for beginners! Organized by medium & category...this is amazing!

LOVE these.... I want a new pair of cowboy boots!!!

"monogram hunters - the rain is coming soon..." Thanks Josie for showing me these! I love them!

Monogrammed Quarter Zip Sweatshirt by GladevilleFarmhouse on Etsy. Can't wait for it to get cold!!

These are perfect for any occasion! Throw it on for class or pair it with fall boots & leggings for a perfect preppy look! In Note to Seller: