In You I Found A Love I No Longer Believed Was Real

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#truth "What screws us up the most is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be."

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What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be. Everything .

live your life #Do what you think is right & what makes you happy... Cause for others what you do is never Right!! SO DON'T GIVE A S***!!!

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I'm now going to to try to transfer all the love I offered her to myself...

Thursday Thoughts (Peace Love & Oats)

"If you don't love yourself, you'll always be chasing after people who don't love you either" Mandy Hale This is so true.

"At some point in your life, you're going to start demanding what you deserve and be willing to walk away if what you require can't be provided.

May your character preach more loudly than you words. Who you are and your values have the ability to influence others and the world. Actions speak louder than words so therefore who you are speaks louder than what you have to say.