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    Homesteading / Survivalism

    Homesteading / Survivalism

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    Steam engine to power your home with.......

    A DIY Steam Engine to Power Your Home

    The Underground Prepper Hole - Ready For Anything And Comfy Too

    The Underground Prepper Hole - Ready For Anything And Comfy Too


    This Little Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet

    1. Make lye water from ash debris. You can heat up 2-3 spoons of ash debris (clean white/light black cushy ash debris) with water and after that, separate it with an espresso filter. Lye water is an extraordinary cleaning factor and sanitizer for garments, flatware, windows, floors, plates, and rust in marble.You can likewise make lye by including the soft white ash powder in cheesecloth. In a basin with gaps in its base, you include the cheesecloth and

    30 Uses For Wood Ash You May Never Have Considered

    DIY: Antiseptic Ointment | Make your own antiseptic from scratch #survivallife

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    Kat's Apple Butter made from fresh applesauce in the crockpot..Rich and Delicious..

    Kat's Canning Tidbits: Kat's Apple Butter

    How to Build Your Own Air Conditioner Fan

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    We built a 1000 watt wind turbine to help charge the battery bank that powers our offgrid home. It's a permanent magnet alternator, generating 3 phase ac, rectified to dc, and fed to a charge controller. The magnets spin with the wind, the coils are fixed, so no brushes or slip rings necessary.Update: DIY Amp Hour meter for monitoring charge!All about homebrew wind and offgrid power systems, the complete reference!

    DIY 1000 watt wind turbine

    No more bulky camping gear! All-in-one tent inspired by spacesuits combines insulated shelter with a sleeping bag and mat

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    Simple build for an efficient Cinder Block Rocket Stove. These burn hotter and more efficiently than a camp fire and can use just about anything as fuel.

    DIY Cinder Block Rocket Stove for under $8

    Perfect cooking and dining beneath open skies!

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    Blackberry Picking Tips & Recipes

    One Hour’s Worth of Blackberry Picking (and what we did with it)

    Suburban Homesteading: Introducing the Chunnel: the chicken tunnel...or Chicken Run!

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    vaseline and cotton balls. costs around $4.50 to make about 600 hundred of these. They burn for quite a while and after a few days of sitting in the vaseline mixture they are water proof.

    Awesome Firestarter - cotton balls and vaseline - Utah Preppers
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    ~ anchoring a thatched roof in Dorset, England ~ each thatcher has their own decorative pattern for anchoring the thatch ~

    Thatcher works on a thatched cottage in Dorset England

    SimplyDifferently...: Geodesic Dome Diary

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    Straw bale home advantages: THE BIG PLUSES: - STRONG - like a fortress particularly after the bales are plastered, but even before (we would never have known from inside our straw bale that the winds we got one summer when we first started to build reached 85 mph).- SUPER INSULATED and therefore highly energy efficient - warm in Winter, cool in Summer -- big savings on the utility bills.- QUIET - a stillness and peacefulness like no other house -INEXPENSIVE TO BUILD. naturalhomeandgar...

    Zen Ranch: A Colorado Straw Bale Home

    loadbearing straw bale dome

    Naša kancelária

    how to build a Wigwam ~ school projects ~ video of kids building ~ jmsalsich.edublog...

    Mr. Salsich's Class - Building a Wigwam

    wattle & daub

    Building a realistic Medieval world - Page 4

    Nine natural homes built by inspirational women. You can see each of them and follow links to their websites at www.naturalhomes....

    Natural Homes built by Women

    better and cheaper than any air purifier on the market - Imgur

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    Lining Your Pond with a Pond Liner – Pond & Lake Q & A | The Pond Guy's Blog

    Lining Your Pond with a Pond Liner - Pond & Lake Q & A