How to propagate succulents.  They are easy to take care of and so many different ones to chose from.

Propagating Succulents

Build a Smarter Garden Bed -- long lasting, weather resistant, weed free, deters burrowing animals

a Smarter Garden Bed

For mom and dad's raised-bed garden dreams? How to build a smarter raised garden bed (no weeds, no pests) for your spring garden.

Basil planted in teacups for the kitchen!

The whole window will have a one foot wide window sill. I will have to show you the place to get a good idea of things. Basil planted in teacups for the kitchen, cheap and pretty teacups planted with fresh herbs on the window sill.

Raised garden bed, with a design that keeps it away from the ground. Hopefully is a bit more critter/ground-water resistant.

The Ark Institute - Non-GMO Seeds for your Garden

Make a raised bed, but with rubber grip points on the corners top and centre, leaving about raise. Get glass top in table size = raised bed garden table for outdoor. Small succulents or fairy garden? Wheels on feet of table/raised garden bed?