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I always wanted a tree house, but my dad never built one. So my brother & I just played in the three trees in our backyard. We imagined they were so many different things. Way better then any tree house.

Ana White | Build a Birthday Seesaw | Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans

Build a Seesaw.My Dad helped us make one when I was a kid about 50 years ago! I want to help my grandkids build one! Free and Easy DIY Project and Furniture Plans

loft bed

Natalie's loft bed (this mama built it herself) ~ That's a creative storage and stair combination as well

How to build a race car track for the kids: Fuel your kids’ need for speed with a super-fast pro racetrack. Playing with toy cars is every littlie’s idea of good fun. So, rev things up and ignite their inner speed racer by building a mini racetrack where cars can tumble through a tunnel, crash into the sides and roll along the finish line. The cars may be tiny, but the competition is fierce!

How to build an outdoor race car track for kids Hot Wheels. Why dont we have this on our playgrounds? How to build an outdoor race car track for kids…

Little girls room

Little girls room. nhschmidt Little girls room. Little girls room.

Basketball loft bed.

Basketball Themes Bedroom Design, The Boys Bedroom by Perianth. Below, we present a typical design bedroom boys, with the theme basketball. This interior space is set by as if in any area with a basketball court

Now this I can do with a loft bed and do away with a piece of furniture allowing more room for creativity.  /modern staircase by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Small East Village Apartment - Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture converted a small New York City apartment into an efficient, warm space. The small East Village apartment is

Cover trampoline springs with pool noodles, safer and looks cool!!!

Cover your trampoline springs with pool noodles. I was pinched in springs so often when I was a kid. This is safe and looks awesome. Now I just need a house with a garden to put my pool-noodled trampoline in.