Bottle of BOOS

Bottle of Boos Halloween Party Bats Lighted Wine Bottle Hand Painted Spooky Ghosts Black Cat Halloween Wedding Anniversary Accent Lamp

Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath

Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath

Ping pong balls and googly eyes for a cool Halloween wreath.I bet you could spray the balls with glow in the dark spray before gluing on the googly eyes. Wonder where to get cheap ping pong balls? (Other than sneaking into fraternities)

finger licking good : Store bought sugar cookie dough, sliced almonds and cinnamon or cocoa powder...awesome for halloween!

Halloween Cookie Fingers Recipe - Roll out sugar cookie dough into a thin line (dough will spread when baking), score at "knuckles" and apply an almond shard at the tip. Bake as directed. Brush cooled cookies with a little cocoa-powder to add contrast!

How to Make Candy Corn... on the Cob! Cutest Thing ever!!

Candy Corn on the COB!

DIY Candy Corn On the Cob Tutorial from Instructabls’ User CrazyClever.All you need is candy corn and cookie dough (recipe at link for egg free recipe) to make Candy Corn Corn. For more Halloween food.

Peanut Butter Monster Munch Halloween Party Mix. Click through for this perfect fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving snack or appetizer recipe. Back To Her Roots

Peanut Butter Monster Munch Halloween Party Mix

Spiced pumpkin dip, could also have another dip of caramel and serve with cookies, apple slices, etc

Fall Seasonings and Creamy Spiced Pumpkin Dip

A warm spice great for a Fall or Halloween party. Creamy Spiced Pumpkin Dip serve with cookies such as vanilla wafers or apple slices. Or, drizzle on muffins, waffles or oatmeal! Scroll down for recipe.

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How To Make A Minion Costume halloween minion minions halloween crafts halloween ideas halloween costumes cute halloween costumes halloween costume ideas for kids

Witch-Feet-Oreo-Treats with free #printables #Halloween

Easy and Cute! Love these Witch-Feet-Oreo-Treats. Would be cute to do with "Christmas" Elf Feet too with red/green filled oreos!

1 can lemonade, 2 cans water, 1 pkg cherry koolaid, 1/2 c sugar, 3/4 of a 2-liter bottle of Ginger Ale, and lots of ice. floating eyeballs & gummyworms

Blood can lemonade, 2 cans water, 1 pkg. cherry koolaid, cup sugar, of a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale.floating eyeballs and gummy worms.YUM :) I'D ADD VODKA