White Lace Blouse, 1900-1905

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Circa 1905

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Dress, French, ca. 1912–14. Pink silk twill. Photo: Jean Tholance. Les Arts Décoratifs via Europeana Fashion

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WOOL COAT with APPLIQUE and FUR TRIM, EARLY 20th C. Light brown with exaggerated wizard sleeve appliqued in darker brown with black silk tassels, fur collar and cuff, contrasting faux button trim and satin lining. B-32, W-28, L-54. Excellent. Whitaker Auctions

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Evening dress, ca. 1912-1914 Musée Galliera de la...



fashion photo: 1910 1910teagown.jpg



early 1900s velvet and silk sequin trimmed butterfly stage gown, Dorothea's Closet Vintage

Dorothea's Closet Vintage Gown Edwardian Gown Sequined Gown


A fine and rare Mariano Fortuny stencilled orientalist black silk evening coat, circa 1910-20

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Walking dress also by the House of Worth ca. 1902. love D'A.

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Kimono-style tea gown, c.1905 Elegant tea gowns were worn by society ladies in their homes before dinner. They could relax with loosened corsets hidden under the flowing designs. When Orientalism swept the fashion world, loose Eastern garments were adapted to be worn as tea gowns. Many were imported and sold by Liberty & Co. in London.

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Blue Edwardian dress This kind of clothing is right up my alley.

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Two White Linen Summer Dresses, C. 1908, Augusta Auctions, November 13, 2013 - NYC

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Wedding dress worn by Mary Peterson Wells, 1910-11 (worn in) the Philippines (Manila)~ FIDM Museum & Galleries Wedding dresses usually follow the lines of contemporary fashionable dress. This wedding gown, with its high waist and slim silhouette, highlights the popularity of silhouettes inspired by ancient Greek and Roman dress. As described in a post featuring a c. 1912 tunic dress, this style emerged about 1908 and was a dramatic departure from the S-bend silhouette. Mary wore this ...

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Wool Appliqued Velvet Afternoon Dress, ca. 1902via Augusta...



Gustave Beer evening dress, 1905 #edwardian #belle epoque From the Frick Art & Historical Center on Twitter



Dress, Croatian, ca. 1910. Linen with bobbin lace. Museum of Arts & Crafts, Zagreb

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Wedding dress, Berta Alkalaj, Belgrade, 1911. Silk, lace, pearls, wax, metal thread. Bottom picture is photo of exhibition catalog. Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade

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Dress (bodice and skirt) Date: ca. 1905–1910 Media: Green Wool Check And Embroidered Linen Accession Number: 1985.40.9a-b Pouched front jacket styled bodice with leg o'mutton sleeves, Center front and cuffs of dark green wool over embroidered cream linen. Front and cuffs have decorative brass buttons. Very full skirt pleated to knee.

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c. 1900 HOUSE OF WORTH, Paris Pink Silk Print Taffeta! Bodice with Ecru Lace and Light Blue Waist with "Tails" antiquedress.com

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Lingerie dress, 1910-13, Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens. One piece Edwardian lingerie dress of sheer lawn appropriate for warm summer wear. Open embroidery work embellishes the neck, sleeves, waist and skirt where vertical panels culminate in an elaborate 8" horizontal band at hem. Embroidered iris motifs decorate the skirt panels and center bust. This transparent garment would have been worn with an undergarment which which could have contrasted in color...

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Shirtwaist Ensemble, early 1900s. As common as jeans and a T-shirt today, the everyday outfit of the turn-of-the-century college girl was a skirt, conveniently shorter than then-current fashion dictated, and a shirtwaist. The boater hat, borrowed from menswear like the shirtwaist, was also popular.

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Women's Suit-1910s, Digitalt Museum

Digitalt Museum - Drakt, jakke til


Fashion in the period 1900-1909 in European and European-influenced countries continued the long elegant lines of the 1890s. Tall, stiff collars characterize the period, as do women's broad hats and full "Gibson girl" hairstyles - Londonderry sleeves but not her pants

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Butterfly Printed Chiffon Gown, C. 1912

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Dress ca. 1910 From THE MUSEUM AT FIT