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CK-12 Foundation is dedicated to increasing access to high quality educational materials for K-12 students and teachers all over the world.

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Summer learning loss is real. Don’t let it become a reality. CK-12’s BrainFlex provides math and science practice to keep your students' brains active.

Interact with Conservation of Mechanical Energy in our latest interactive PLIX! #physics #interactive

How much energy does it take to run a roller coaster? Find out in our latest #physics #Simulation!

School's almost out. Don't let your students' brains melt away this summer. Sign them up for CK-12's free math and science summer practice program!

Interact with interference patterns in our latest interactive PLIX! #physics #interactive

Perkiomen Valley High School

#GoOpen Ambassador | Upper Perkiomen School District, PA | Perkiomen Valley High School | CK-12 Foundation

Historic Downtown

#GoOpen Ambassador |Tullahoma City Schools, TN | CK-12 Foundation

North Kansas City

#GoOpen Ambassador | North Kansas City School District, MO | CK-12 Foundation