abigail brown - paper mache masks

Oh those on my kid's room! abigail brown - paper mache masks life would be awesome the day all my colleagues wear such masks at work

Amy Casey Paintings, 2010

Artist amy casey, she's been having a recurring dream for the past eight years about the world coming to an end… which has obviously influenced her work.

++ puppet show Peter and the wolf

Make Giant Trees out of cardboard or sturdy poterboard. DIY Kraft paper puppet show "Peter and the wolf". Cute idea for nursery


Max Goes Home — a “Where the Wild Things Are" inspired piece by John Fellows. One of my favorite books when I was little

agentlewoman: peonyandbee: swan-bones: Delicate Deer Gouache on paper, x 2014 someone tattoo this on me (Source: swan-bones, via plumes-feathers)