The Elizabeth Taylor 33.19-carat white diamond ring

Revealed in all its glittering glory: Elizabeth Taylor's £100m collection of gems, gowns and art goes on display at Christie's

The Elizabeth Taylor white diamond ring HOLY SHIT! that's a big rock Bling bling muderfucars!

Beautiful, 72 carat, marquise kunzite ring set in platinum with diamonds.

Beautiful, 72 carat, PINK marquise kunzite ring set in platinum with diamonds.

37.36 carats of pink diamond heaven!  Oh my!

Huge pink diamond and rose gold necklace! this is too much but I love pear shaped jewelry!

The Victoria-Transvaal is a 67.89-carat, champagne-colored, pear shaped stone. It was cut from a 240-carat crystal that was found in the Transvaal, South Africa.

Victoria-Transvaal Diamond is a 68 carat, champagne-colored diamond cut into a pear shape. Found in the Transvaal province, South Africa. The Necklace consists of gold chain with 106 diamonds in varying carats and shapes to enhance the 'starring' gem.


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Elizabeth Taylor

Bulgari Emerald and Diamond Necklace - Estate of Elizabeth Taylor. A Bulgari emerald and diamond necklace and emerald and diamond brooch, bottom, owned by actress Elizabeth Taylor (both gifts from Richard Burton),