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Hi, call me Kay. I'm eighteen and extremely overweight. I am unbelievably unhappy, but I am getting better. I used to self-mutilate, but not exactly cut. It was weird. If you want to know, ask. This...


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Why eyebrows are important.

Anyone that realllly knows me, knows that I am obsessed with a good air of eyebrows. Take the prettiest girl for example (or Anne Hathaway). She can be absolutely stunning, but with an over-groomed eyebrow is not a whole lot of anything. Eyebrows matter.


Science ruins everything.

That's not true... The parents could be heterozygous with a dominant gene of blue eyes and a recessive gene of brown eyes. If you do a Punnett square then you'll find that they have a of birthing a brown eyed child


Looks like that worked out for you.

Are you fucking kidding me! You were a competition cheerleader! Any weight you would have gained would have been worked off in practice. I was competition for an entire summer and most of my junior year. Trust me, birth control was the MUCH better option.