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Not exaxtly the look i had in mind, but cld easily do mirrors now.a mirror in a kitchen above the sink where there is no window, what a fabulous idea. Let's Mum/Dad's keep an eye on what's going on behind whilst washing up.

How To: 6 Ways to Decorate Wine Glasses and Bottles

If you are like me then there is always a wine bottle hanging around the house. It may be full but it won’t stay that way and to use it again in a creative way would be awesome. Here are some creative DIY ideas for reusing your old wine bottles.

Is this the prettiest garden shed in existence?!

Think a garden shed just too much for your budget? Check out these attractive garden shed ideas to find a design worth spending every dollar on!

i will own a tiny white shed, all for me, and it will have a sewing machine and nice bits and bobs and all sorts of interestingness that can keep me occupied for hours. i

Craft shed :I have a room just this size in my house. It is currently just stuffed with boxes and I had envisioned this instead when I got this place. First thing would have been to paint it white. That would have helped a lot.