Ask these each birthday.

First day of school photo idea. Do this once a year, make a photobook, and give it to them for a graduation/wedding present.

Easy Sand Footprint Craft – A wonderful keepsake and gift. Full DIY instructions including a youtube tutorial via blog.

Sand Footprint Craft - Full DIY instructions!

A great vacation souvenir! Your kids' footprints in the sand from the beach on your vacation!

50+ Awesome Lego storage ideas

Lego Storage Ideas: The Ultimate Lego Organisation Guide

Here’s a major list of inspiration for LEGO storage ideas. From over the closet shoe holders where bricks can be sorted by color or size, to repurposed tool boxes, under the bed storage, and tackle bo (Cool Designs Storage)

fun idea to do with the kids!

Great idea for a birthday photo every year. design one of these for each kid on their birthday till they're And then have them bound in a book for a graduation present.