Birthday girl unwraps best gift of all: her dad, home early from Afghanistan Faith restored

This is beautiful.

How to solve all the conflicts of the world…

soldiers war army motivational on imgfave - If only the governments would let them and the rest of us!

Wow, that's a powerful picture.

War never changes…

Wow, that's a powerful picture.<not even all the fandoms combined can make me as sad as this picture does. God bless our troops and their families. And may he keep them safe.

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Four year old Paige really didn't want her daddy to go to Iraq. So much so, that when Army Reservist Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum lined up in formation at his deployment this July, she couldn’t let go. No one had the heart to pull her away.

ƑąᎥ৳ɧ Īɳ ӇմɱąɳᎥ৳ƴ Ʀҽʂ৳σɽҽɖ ~ This is both the sweetest and saddest thing at the same time! I know that when she does walk down that aisle her Dad will be walking right beside her in Spirit! How Beautiful they look together! ♡ღஐღ♡ ❥ڿڰۣ-- ♡ღஐღ♡ I am writing this in between tears right now! ໖_໖

Dad walks his daughter in a wedding that he won't get to attend for real. UuGGhhHH Im crying! im so happy my dad wil be here for my wedding day!

This picture touches me each time i look at it. Do 'Like' and 'Repin' it to show your support for this little innocent boy with a condition like this. If he can smile, anyone can smile too! God bless!

Prosthetic Legs Through The Years. This little guy had his legs amputated at birth and has been using prosthetic ones since. Look at that smile!


Why does the black soldier who did the same shit as all of the white soldiers have a black boot? And the rest that are whit have a tan boot? America has no respect for those of color who do everything to protect it.

Take time to thank a soldier/veteran for their sacrifice.

Things in perspective. Our troops don't get enough recognition as it is and they have one of the hardest jobs out there and most do it without complaining. Thanks to the soldiers, sailors, marines, and air men and women who serve for our country!

This is so cute!!

FunnyAnd offers the best funny pictures, memes, comics, quotes, jokes like - My heart! I’m tearing up

Courage is knowing when something is more important than fear...

A true heroine for saving the children in her class! The teachers who gave their lives for their students will never be forgotten. God bless the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.


So sad but so beautiful how the baby's big brother plays in the sandbox to play with him I'm really crying! Why is life so sad at times?

This hurts so much. The thought of my sister dying makes me cry.. I feel so horrible for this girl. She or her sister didn't deserve this. So sad and tragic.

An American Hero. Thank you Victoria for being so brave, for being a woman of character and love. Thank you to her parents for raising her so well. I pray all the children she saved will live up to the legacy Victoria leaves behind.

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