PTSD Counselling 5 “Can you consider, for a moment,” my therapist said thoughtfully,“that in this particular fairy tale you might be the lumberjack?" And it made perfect sense. I’ve never identified...

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Looks like my character, Memry, in my old old WIP "The Spinner's Apprentice". Memry is the Old Spinner... Her apprentice, Aura, is half Rover and Half Fae... but Aura has no idea about her Fae blood. And she DOESN'T want to be the next Spinner.

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I adore this so so so so so much! All the spirals and the movement... Its got to be one of my favorite paintings I've come across! (this could be a wonderful tattoo inspiration!)

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Jessie Bayes (1878 - 1970), “The Earl Kings Daughter sending faery servants to their several tasks”

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